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For Sale: HE-400s for Sale

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For Sale:
HE-400s for Sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a pair of HE-400s for sale. They come with original box, cable, leather earpads, and I will include a pair of velour pads. These have been used very little, probably having only 3 hours or less playtime. I'm looking for $375(shipping+fees included in the CONUS).

After a couple of days, I've listened to the 400s for about a total of 4 more hours. So it's about 7 hours total listening time. 


The M-50s are $OLD.


Feel free to ask me any questions via PM or in the thread. PM preferably. Shipping out of the US will be more, so contact me and we'll discuss the price.


EDIT: After some consideration, I've decided to keep the HE-400s. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Thank you.

EDIT: After further consideration, I've decided to put these back on sale. 

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PMd re M50s.  :)

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Pm'd about HE-400s
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Both pairs are $old.

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