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Recommend headphone amp for home studio?

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In my home studio, I have a M-Audio Delta 1010 rack-mounted sound card.  Outputs 1 / 2 are the stereo pair that is used for monitoring, to my Alesis monitors.  But I sometimes need to monitor with headphones.  There is no dedicated headphone-out on the sound card, so I understand that I need a headphone amp.  I'm not looking for anything exotic, just good solid value.  I've never actually owned a headphone amp in my life although I'm tempted to get one for work listening with my laptop.


Anyway, I need an amp that has a straight-through output, so I can daisy chain my powered monitors from it without having to unplug and replug them.


Any recommendations as a starting point?

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I know sarcasm is considered the highest form of wit by some around here, but I did say I wasn't looking for anything exotic.


If I am being somehow stupid with my OP, I'd appreciate somebody telling me why.  Thanks.

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I've probably been here to long, because I don't consider the Phonitor as being exotic.  I would look for an amp made by a company that makes monitoring equipment.  Violectric, Lavry and Cambridge Audio come to mind.  I'm sure there are plenty of others.


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Wow, just wow.  Admittedly my only exposure to amps thus far was Fiio portables, but I can't buy an amp that costs more than the rest of my studio put together!  ;)


I was thinking more in the $200 (max!) range.  Still, live and learn, and of course if you can say one thing about this place, it's that "normal" thoughts about how much audio costs go out the window quite quickly.  :)

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If you are looking at 200$ you can look at some audio music gear store like Thomann in EU, they have a wide variety of HP amp, but be sure to found around here gear that are a lot better sonically!

Or you can buy the Crack Bottlehead, it's 250/300$ dollars and will give you the monitoring you want for your small studio while at the same time providing the best sonic bang for the buck. Also La Figaro 336SE comes to mind.

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