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NYC Audio / Video show 2012.

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Did anyone go to this? I went. Nice to meet Jack of Woo Audio and try out the WES with SR-009s and 007s. (Fine sound from these.)

My quick take was that I heard too much bass everywhere, but I loved the vintaqe Quad ESL 57s, nice and delicate but with good impact, too.


I think Headphone-experience has given me a different set of audio-values and preferences in speaker listening, seeking resolution and a reach-out-and-touch intimacy for sonics. Link to the Woo room photo:



The Quad 57s:


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I really enjoyed the Woo room too. I wish there had been more headphone related companies showing.


Overloaded bass is a common show problem and is generally the fault of the room/treatments and not the speakers, so I try not to pay too much attention to it when listening at shows. I heard a number of systems that I thought were quite good. The new Sony's, the latest Hansen Prince, and the new Wilson Sophia model. Harbeths sounded very good (as usual), for a smallish full-range speaker. Oh, and what is that company that advertises the "best speakers in the world" in every issue of Stereophile? They were in two rooms and sounded pretty good, but they are so ugly! Especially the large one. I would never have that monstrosity in my house, even if I could afford it, which I can't.


There was a line to hear the MBL room. They are great speakers in nearly every way, but don't do it for me. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe the sound has a sort of diffuse feel?


The bass on the KEF Blade was one-note, but I bet it is capable of much better. On the other hand, the new 8K KEF with drivers based on research from the Blade, showed very well.


I only got a few minutes with the Quads and did not get to sit in the sweet spot, but it was cool to hear them at all.


Overall, the show was on the small side, but it was better than last year's NY Axpona (sp?) in every way. I hope they can build to something even better next year. Also, the NY retailers who had competing events should either join in or back off. I stopped by Stereo Exchange and it was empty. Chris Connaker was holding court in the back with a couple of guys. The guy from Totem, who is the owner, was standing by himself, looking bored. No demos going. No energy. Not very welcoming, as usual for NYC hi-fi stores.


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Yeah, funny, I always get that impression you describe too with MBL (at Axpona and the Stereophile shows a few years back). 

They sound like a concert, but I don't want that from my system, I want it to sound like something natural and palpable is right in the room,

not point source but something that conjures up a real instrument or singer.


I think these shows should emphasize monitors, as that would be appropriate for the rooms, and give you a flavor for the sound of these speaker companies.

And monitor sound, which I have at home and *love* is a valuable thing on its own, and more affordable and easier to get into most peoples houses and rooms than 6-feet tall 200+  pound behemoths.  Not to mention they probably sound better in a normal room.

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That is a good idea about monitors, but I do like hearing the flagship speakers. It is surprising that the local dealers don't focus more on systems that would fit in a NYC apartment. (On the other hand, I have fairly large floor standing speakers in my moderately sized apartment, so I guess what fits depends on your priorities.)

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Thanks Vandyman. If I'm guessing you have Vandy 5s or 7s then you can equalize these to fit in your room. I'm envious of those great speakers.

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Yes, I have the 5As (purchased used). I use the XTZ measurement system to get the built-in equalization dialed in. I also use a Tact 2.0S Room Correction. It sounds great, if I do say so myself. :-)  Even so, I have to keep the bass lower than I'd like to avoid annoying my neighbors too much.

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I was at the show sunday with immtbiker & his son. Surprised at the lack of attendance.

 Woo audio room was very busy all weekend according to Jack.

The rooms where definitely playing Havoc with the systems.

The Mbls lacked Impact (ompf),

I liked the small sony would have liked to hear the ar1s a little more dynamic.


The Hansons had some great impact

The ESL57s sounded good but showed what they lacked compared to the newer speakers.

 The VPI room was sounding Really good with the 3 speaker setup.

Missed the sound by singer room.

The lessloss speakers where enjoyable


No mater what it was a great day checking out all the systems.

I need to put my speaker system back together.


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I was there on Saturday.  My favorite room was the Bricasti DAC with Harbeth speakers..........that DAC is on my short list, very impressive.

Didn't spend too much time at Woo, just showing my friend what 009s and LCD3 sound like.  His response was interesting:  he works from home and listens to music a lot and felt both headphones were so amazingly involving that he would never be able to get any work done.


Small show, but fun for half a day.  Didn't intend to buy anything but found a K2 mastered version of Ramirez' Missa Carolla which I had to buy.  A good upgrade over the standard CD issue, this disc is my reference for microdynamics (on a horn system, this blew me away at an earlier audio show, the most impressive single audio demo i've ever experienced).




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