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I've been finding some very interesting stuff on Bandcamp.  The set your price feature is kind of cool too.

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50% internet buys, 30% cd's from amazon and the remaining %20 as gifts from friends. 

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A while back where I'm from, there used to be a few good indie record stores where I would buy my music.


The first one to go was Relative Theory. That place was my favorite to get my music from. It has that ideal indie record store feeling with alot of artwork, an amazing selection of CDs and records and even their own cafe! Then after that, the Volume in Chesapeake went under and then the other Volume closed a while after. Now the only independent stores open is Birdland, which is a store catered more to older folk, Skinnies, specializing in punk rock and my new favorite place Vinyl Daze, a brand new music store that only sells Vinyl.


Now I buy my CDs from SecondSpin and Amazon confused_face.gif

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I feel the need to mention the bargain priced sections of both Best Buy and Barnes & Noble.


Best Buys have a fantastic $5 section...I find at least 10 CDs every time I go and have to go through the stack and decide which ones I really want. Barnes & Noble has $5 and $8 sections and while their selection isn't as good they have a bit more variety genre wise. I find at least 3 I want every time I go.


Having both within walking distance of my job makes it hard to not spend money on CDs all the time.

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#1. Ebay (autographed)

#2. Bullmoose music (gotta support local independent record stores)

#3. The artist's own website.

#4. Amazon, if I can't find it in one of the above places.


I used to rip to flac in foobar 2000, but now ever since i bought a macbook air i rip to AAC VBR in iTunes then let match do it's thing, then delete the copies from my HDD.  It's been working great so long as i never sync my iPod, if I do it creates doubles of everything.  The matched/uploaded copies work swell for the car, but at home I listen to the original disk, no computer involved.  I refuse to buy anything other than a full album on CD just to keep my library tidy and to have the best possible backup that is usually available.  It's just a plus when you can find an autographed copy from a reputable source.


It's funny that I never saw the point in iTunes match until I switched from using a 2TB desktop tower to a 128GB macbook.

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