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For Sale or Trade:
FS: Anedio D1 DAC

Will Ship To: CONUS

Now that's I've stepped up to the new Anedio D2, I'm kicking around the idea of letting go of the D1. This would be the D1 pictured in my original review, the one that started it all so to speak.

It is in good shape but not perfect. I loaned it out to the recent Bay Area meet, and it came back to me with a some scratches on the faceplate. Nothing too exciting but it can be noticed. Also there are some scratches behind the faceplate, probably from me removing the cover one too many times and not being careful enough. Those can't be seen unless you approach it from a rear angle, so not much of an issue. I added pictures of the front panel imperfections. One part is barely noticeable, the other is a bit deeper.

Includes original remote (barely used), manual with bench tests for jitter and such, and stock power cable.

I'd like $900 shipped within CONUS, paypal only please. I'm interested in trading primarily for the Audio Technica W3000ANV, but would consider offers for other interesting headphones. Can't hurt to ask right?

I may end up keeping this because it is just so great sounding. We'll see.
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