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For Sale or Trade: Apheared 47 (buffered cmoy)

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For Sale or Trade:
Apheared 47 (buffered cmoy)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought a tube amp so i dont really have a need for this. I built this amp myself. This thing gets crazy loud. It does not distort until it is unbearably loud. Until then it's very clean sounding. It has double the current capabilities of a CMOY. Great for low impedance cans.


-The gain is set at 3.

-The resistors are all 1% metal film

-The opamps are arranged in chip-per-stage

-The power supply has a buffered ground

-The opamps are opa2227's, i can switch one out with an opa2132 if interested

-It comes with a 24V power supply

-DC offset is low (at least thats what my dmm told me)

-Output resistors are 47 ohms. This was meant for my Grado's but works well with all low impedance cans i've used it on (grado, ultrasone hfi-580, senn hd280pro). Have not tried it with higher impedance cans.



- This amp has no power indicator, you'll just have to look at the switch position. I can add one if you really want. 


- I am not a professional builder. This is the third amp I built. There is nothing wrong with it.


I'm sure i forgot to mention some stuff but ask and you shall receive. 


PRICE IS DROPPED. There are CMOY's goin for this price and they have less current handling, and no buffered ground.

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Forgot to mention this, but if there are any modifications you would like i'll see what i can do. like add a battery pack to make it portable, or try to add an LED indicator or what not.

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