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Burn- In: Messed up headphones?

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Hey guys this is my first post here but I got a problem and I'd like for you to hear me out.


So the other day I got these: http://www.amazon.com/Crossfade-Over-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphone-Gunmetal/dp/B003BYRGKY.

Going through the reviews , I found that a couple of people had mentioned a process known as "burning-in" and that the headphones do not sound particularly great until they are completely burned-in. I researched the concept a bit and found this site: http://www.jlabaudio.com/burn.php which gives a playlist of white noise, pink noise, various frequencies, and also intervals of silence for your headphones to play through and is supposed to help burn them in (more info on the site). So, I played the crossfades at medium volume with the burn in playlist continuously for one night (note that the headphones were silent about half the time because of the intervals of silence- they were not continuously playing sound). This morning I got up and tried the headphones and to my shock, the headphones sounded incredibly disoriented. The headphones could not play some (or actually a lot) of the vocals and other sounds of many of my songs. Now the headphones sound worse than before (the songs played fine before) and I'm not sure whether or not I should continue with this burn-in method. Might it just be that the headphones sound worse because they are in the middle of burning-in? (It looks like burning-in takes several hours, around 100 or more according to other sources). Or should I stop with the burn-in playlist and just play my regular music and hope the sound returns back to normal? After researching more online, I found some claims that burning in, through artificial means (white/pink noise, high/low frequencies), may actually damage the headphones.... anybody have any experience with this kind of stuff??


Thanks for the help ahead of time!!!!

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Waiver: If you do believe burn in like I do, I have these believes (and I am not claiming any as truth)-


1. While I've heard that people uses noise I use songs of various genre.

2. There are ups and downs period until the phone is completely in shape. Like a wine would go through different stages until it finally mature. Sound may sounds awkward in between.

3. Play at normal or lower volume to be safe.

4. It takes time, I usually burn the phones for a whole month.

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Yeah, you might have disabled the drivers. Some phones can't handle the burn in process to ensure the best sounding your heads will get. I just usually put on a repeated playlist of hip hop or dubsteb because mostly the bass in burn in has the most effect. Just stop with the "noise" for now and try basic music over night. They might need time to recover.

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Originally Posted by SilentxStatik24 View Post

Yeah, you might have disabled the drivers. Some phones can't handle the burn in process to ensure the best sounding your heads will get. I just usually put on a repeated playlist of hip hop or dubsteb because mostly the bass in burn in has the most effect. Just stop with the "noise" for now and try basic music over night. They might need time to recover.



JLAB Audio's burn-in is more designed for their own products; I own a pair of earbuds of them, have burnt them in with this page, and no problems at all - and that's the problem, I think this one is mostly designed towards in-ears and not phones.


As SilentxStatik24 and AlfredWong said, play them with your music; but if you don't want it to sound too characteristic to your genre; use different types of genres, and make sure to pause the playlist every few hours, I'd suggest, to let the diaphragm rest. (1/2 to 1h rest should do)

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From the severity you describe, I am sure that your headphones have been damaged by JLAB's burn-in sequence. I'm very sorry to hear about that, but if you ordered from Amazon you should be able to return them for a full refund, no questions asked. Just listen to music over time to let them burn in next time.

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Thanks for all the input guys, I really appreciate it.  


@gdscei Yah gotcha, you're probably correct. My fault for using the site without researching enough beforehand. Next time I'll just let the headphones burn in naturally or just play a variety of different music (as a lot you other guys have mentioned).


@ssrock64 I think I'm going to do just that. Seems like the headphones are not improving at all. 


Tyty guyz, peace

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Burn in for the most part is crock, people overstate its effects in spades. Seems like all those special noises and frequencies screwed with the drivers.


I think you may need to replace the headphones I'm afraid.

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It's unlikely that you broke them unless you have a powerful amp and just played them beyond their range. I burn in hp's often and have never had an issue. You may just have gotten a bad pair.



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Is it still within the return/warranty period? I don't think it's the burn in that cause it but it was probably more infant mortality.

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Holy ****!


Yesterday I got VSonic VSd3s and they were sounding just fine but I have seen burning in increase the audio performance in my experience. So, found the same track in JLabsaudio that you are talking about and put the earphones on a notch higher than medium volume for the night, which is the recommended thing to do. But to my surprise, when I woke up and listened to them, I was in shock. It's gone - the bass, the brightness, volume has come down too and they sound so much worse. 

I think JLabsaudio ****ed my IEMs.

Don't use this track. 

I have never see opposite burn in happen in my life, but this track damaged my brand new IEMs. 

I only used it because I thought it's credible and researched through by JLabs, which is a good brand. 

Who made this ****!!!!


DO resting the drivers make this go away??

Man, I Got these after a lot of bustle and they are ruined now, thanks to JLAbs.


What should I do? Anyone?

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For burning in, you might want to use my trick. I have a wide range of genre selections (Jpop, rock, metal, dubstep, blues, jazz, hip hop and so on). So i just play whatever headphone or earphone that i buy with all my songs for a night. Maximum for me is 4 nights (only at night. Don't let it do any marathons. Just burn-in when you are sleeping). None of my headphones or earphones have ever encountered a single problem and they are in their best shape now smily_headphones1.gif (when not burning in, just use them normally)
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If they are permanent demaged, just return them for new ones.
That JLAbs track is CRAP, I think that loud POPPING noises everytime from silence POPS that tiny iem diapfragm-voice coil out of the magnet (mis)alignment or melt some glue/coil etc.
They did warn you about LOUD volume:
There are different ways to burn-in your headphones (or earbuds). The most common ways include running a variety of music, white noise, pink noise, radio noise, frequency sweeps, etc. through the headphones at a medium volume. Note: too high of a volume can cause damage to, or even kill your headphones!

You can try recover it with DeMagic 24hrs, else return for new replacement!:
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Thanks Man.


They seem better at this point. I am avoiding dedicated burn-in all together.

Bass seems to have improved but I don't know if it's actual improvement or just that i am adjusting to the"new" sound of these. I do feel like the deep punch that I heard right after some time of opening the box is no longer there, it has recessed or maybe it's just in my head. With subjective things like sound you can no longer be sure. 

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Good to know that improper burn-ins can ruin headphones.


On the other hand, this shows that maybe it's a good idea to use burn-in tracks (probably not the ones from Jlabs XD) since it may bring out potential issues with headphones that people may not see until it's past the return period if they didn't burn-in.

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