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~$60 IEMs?

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I'm looking for an IEM for my dad's birthday. Nothing else much to say, so I'll just give you my criteria.

• Analytical
• Clear Plastic Housing (He NEEDS this for some reason)
• Good for classical and classic rock
• Driveable by an iPhone 4S
• Less than $60
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Uhh... Out of the top of my head the one I can think of is the MEElectronics M6, as it fits the "clear plastic housing" criteria, and is under $60. Although I'm pretty sure they're not analytical, as with most, if not all, IEMs under the $60. The only 'analytical' IEM I know that's close to that price range from what I've been reading are the ADDIEMs, but unfortunately, doesn't meet the criteria of having a clear housing.

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