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I know that you and I have discussed this 'ad nauseum' already
Yes... deadhorse.gif
but I felt compelled to respond.  I think that for the most part people here who can potentially become long-term members in good standing are complaining about the limit and the lack of info. about it, but more importantly discussing ways to improve the system WHILE maintaining the security etc of long-standing members like yourself.
Perhaps spending the 2PM limit to send your thoughts to an ADMIN/MOD might be more constructive than "complaining" as you state it in on a public board?
 So just basically saying that it works for you and other long term or members with sufficient posts doesn't really add anything to the discussion.  On the contrary I believe that it almost comes across as arrogant and non-inclusive.  Isn't the point of a forum for a bunch of people with similar interests to gather in a spirit of comraderie? Just saying :P......
^ yes exactyly that. that is the whole point. POSTING in the forum to learn from each other and sharing experiences.

Do you think the long term members sit around PM'ing eachother all the time? No they POST too. Just like you are. I personally very rarely use PM unless I am trading and I think it has been made clear already the PURPOSE of the site is not for trading. It is for what we just mentioned.

I don't think anyone is trying to be arrogant or non-inclusive. Just by the fact that someone is POSTING their experiences and answering questions to begin with means they are including Lurkers, Noobs, and experienced users alike now doesn't it?
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There is a big difference between a person-person transaction on a forum like this and using ebay. Head-fi isn't going to step-in and try to work out a resolution to the issue - here you are completely on your own. I think the bottom line is that the forum is actively discouraging people who come here, open an account and then immediately want to buy/sell. You can disagree with that policy, and I won't argue with the fact that it's not obvious to new users - however - I do agree with the philosophy, and it's worked well here for a long, long time. Discussion of possible improvements is always a good thing, and if it gets you over your post threshold, that's cool. I just don't happen to agree that it's a policy that needs fixing. smily_headphones1.gif
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I'm sorry, but in all honesty, Head-Fi is NOT a trading site, it is a discussion site. If you are participating in the forums and not just trying to buy things from people, then you'll have no PM restriction in effect.


I can understand not liking the PM limit, but then, if you haven't run a forum where SEO spammers target botnets at it, then wouldn't make quite so much sense either. I should also add, one of the benefits of the restriction is that the people we've had to ban for scamming others through the classifieds are going to have a much harder time re-registering and scamming others again this way. 

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