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Pm limit for newbee  

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I apologize ahead of time, if this is in the wrong location. I was PMing with a couple members, and then I hit the 13 per day limit, so I just did not want them to think I was ignoring them, especially since i was trying to buy an amp from one of them.


I will pm you both back whenever this system lets me. Also, 13 pm limit is very inconvenient. I can understand you are trying to protect members from spam, but there should be an easier way to differentiate spam and valid Pm's, especially when the person is only PMing with 1 or 2 people, not sending 13 separate messages to random people. Just a suggestion deadhorse.gif

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I didn't even know the limit existed. Maybe it would make more sense for the limit to be lifted on PM traffic which is a reply to a previously existing PM thread? That would at least require some action on the part of someone other than the potential spammer to dodge the limit.

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Exediron, that is a very good idea beerchug.gif It's just very annoying to try to start a relationship with a forum, but be limited in actually accomplishing that. I know spam is annoying, but I think a lot of people found this site through ads from the classifieds, but if they are in the middle of a transaction, and the seller says, "I accept your deal, please tell me your Paypal...etc) then all of a sudden the buyer never responds, what would any seller think?


In a situation like that, just saying increase your count to be able to pm more is invalidated by the fact that the seller could easily be a veteran member, but the the buyer is the one who just found this site through an ad for that product, and when they lose the deal because of that, it really leaves a bad taste in their mouth. 


I think your idea is perfect. Basically, you can not pm more than x number of people per day, but you are allowed to pm them as many times as you want, or a real reasonable limit, which even if they are having a serious discussion, which leads to many many replies, it will not be hampered by a, "limit."


I would email them with that idea, but it's your idea, and I would not want to steal your great idea regular_smile%20.gif

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I just ran into the same problem, although my limit seems to be 2 pms per day, kind of ridiculous. 


I understand the limitations, but it would be nice if it were made a bit clearer to new members. Also, I accidentally mistyped my email address on my first account set up. So guess what, when I tried to verify, no dice. But I couldn't even change my email address because you need at least 10 posts to change your account details. Awesome!

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Same. It really hinders a smooth classifieds section. If the classifieds should be only for active members, it shouldn't be open to anyone to see.

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Add me to the list of unhappy's about the PM limit. Joined actually to make a few purchases the other day unaware of the PM limit then ....BAM!.... unable to respond anymore and lost out on a item for sale I really had hopes for... Now I am finding it even annoying just talking to a few members of the Forums and I am not even in the process of purchases. I agree with the above that it's understandable that a safety system needs to be put into place so people aren't getting spammed but 2 per day is a bit low especially when both get spent as responses to the same person. Oh well.... If this hasn't been changed yet and I am sure there has been a lot of complaints about it... I doubt it will ever be changed.


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I'm guessing that this policy is to cut down on spam?  I just ran into this limit while PMing fiio support.  At what point does the limit increase from 2 to 13 (or whatever it becomes)?  I used to have an account years ago, but I think it was removed, so I had to start over.


I checked the FAQ before posting, but unfortunately, there's no mention of the limit there.

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Yeah, I didn't see anything either Edy and by searching for the PM limit I ended up finding this thread. Even 13 would be hard to swallow as the limit you're allowed to send per day but only 2.... That's just crazy. I am finding myself having to plan out my PMs perfectly and make sure that the people I am speaking to I am able to find an outside way of contacting them  which is usually e-mails right now. It's a very tough situation when you're trying to make a few purchases and you basically only have one shot to let the person know in a PM that you are interested and to please contact you in email as you most likely won't be able to respond because of the PM limit you will be hitting as soon as the PM you're writting to them is sent.Oh well.... As I stated earlier the admins have to of had tons of complaints about the limit by now and if nothing has been done yet then I doubt it ever will be.


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It may be annoying and inconvenient, but it works, and best to make a few inconvenient than exploit many members and sponsors.

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This IS very annoying. I am limited to 2 PMs per day, which practically disables me in doing deal negotiations. I will have to publicly post my email address to be able to continue communication. Great. :/ 


A solution might be to introduce some kind of vote or acknowledgement system. If one PMs somebody, the recipient is asked whether this is spam or not. If the recipient acknowledges the correctness this is a vote for the sender. After receiving a number of votes by trusted (already unlimited) members, let's say 5 votes, the sender becomes unlimited. Before there's a total PM limit of let's say 10 PMs for a new member. If a sender gets more then 2 SPAM classifications by trusted(!) members, he is being banned.

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After doing 3 forum posts my PM limit seems to be removed. 


Thus a workaround for the PM limit would be to do a number of fake posts and then reedit the posts (eg remove all text), which is what I did.

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This 2 post limit is crazy.  I'm sure the seller i'm making an offer to would like to make a deal.

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Perhaps, but on the other hand, buying/selling with someone with no posting history is very risky.  This isn't like ebay where there are ways to escalate issues.  I also recently came here, but I understand that this is not really a buy/sell board - it is a discussion forum that also happens to have a buy/sell board.

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Yes I agree.

2 PM's per day limit masses up my buying as I am unable to contact seller after reaching my daily limit.

Is there a valid way around it?

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I've just been blocked as well by this 2 PMs/day incredible limit, and despite i should not be "open", this threshold is by far too small. On top of that i wasn't warned about this limitation before sending my fist PM, otherwise i would have used it to provide my email adress.

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