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Originally Posted by Kenion View Post


Sorry if that question have been asked before but do you happen to know where we can buy that balanced cable from sennheiser shown on the picture?

I just can't find any information on the web about it.

I did spoke with sennheiser 3 days ago. and they told me the cable isnt a finish product "yet". but they hope to release it in 3-4months.

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It's a 4-pin cable, right? 


It would be a good move for Sennheiser because I think many people would want to have a genuine Sennheiser cable instead of having to depened on 3rd party cables.

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Originally Posted by R Giskard View Post

It's a 4-pin cable, right? 


It would be a good move for Sennheiser because I think many people would want to have a genuine Sennheiser cable instead of having to depened on 3rd party cables.

Yes its a 4-pin cable balanced that sennheiser is working on!


And I will w8 for it than buy a 3e part cable :)

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Not to be comparing oranges and bananas, but it has always been easier to create something good in the digital spectrum of things than something good in the analogue domain. That is also the reason why it is possible to make a cheap but good quality D-A but also A-D converters. However, if you want to go above the current standards of what OEM industry can provide on a daily basis, then you need funds and as a result, high end digital technology is expensive. While I have no doubt the quality of the converter in the HDVD800 is good, it is also true that it must have taken them a lot more time and to perfect the analogue circuitry of the amplifier.


What I don't understand is why some people insist on the output impedance being as low as possible and wave with the figure like with a magic wand. It says nothing about the way the amplifier is constructed. What matters is how the output impedance has been achieved and what compromises were made in order to achieve it. What good is an amplifier that has a 1R resistance when the manufacturer used a massive amount of feedback to accomplish it? Soecification is a specification and in some cases it tells you something and in others it tells you nothing. It never tells you everything.


Like I said in the SPL Auditor review, it is clear that that amplifier was designed with minimum compromise in mind so that in the end, the impedance was what it was, 9R if I remember correctly. It might translate to some hum with lower impedance headphones but I'd rather have that than completely dampened dynamics and colouration. I don't own the Auditor, this is just an example.


Also, the crosstalk attenuation between the channes is usually completely misunderstood and people usually translate it to wider sound stage. That is only partially true because crosstalk is not a constant figure but is frequency-dependent. So, if Sennheiser quoted it to be 93dB measured at 1 kHz, it will undoubtedly be a lot lower at 20 kHz. 


Listen the amplifier for yourself, don't believe everything they are saying. 

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Originally Posted by putterolf View Post

Yes its a 4-pin cable balanced that sennheiser is working on!


And I will w8 for it than buy a 3e part cable :)

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do! :)

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Thank you guys!

I'm really looking forward buying the amp and cable as soon as it will be released here (the cable).

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The new cable was on display at the London Headfi meet, as far as I'm aware it's the first time it's been on display anywhere.
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Very cool
To be honest I am not really a cable believer from amp to headphone
But if sennheiser is selling it ill buy it
Thanks for sharing
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I saw Customcable listing the official xlr cable on their site, so I asked them about it and they say it's coming early June. I hope so, as I really like the ergonomics of the stock HD 800 cable and would prefer getting a xlr cable similar to it over a third party one which might be heavy, stiff or whatever.

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I have been interested in the HDVA600 since last year when Sennheiser began taking it and the 800 to shows, and last week my local dealer got an HDVA800 as a dem unit. My existing system is dcs Puccini -> Lehmann Linear -> HD800 phones (with Cardas Clear cables). I've been looking for an alternative headphone driver because I find I need to use the single ended output of the Puccini for my power amp (which picks up interference on its balanced input, but not single ended).


My first impression of the HDVA800, relative to the Lehmann, was a greatly expanded stage width, and a delicacy and detail in percussion instruments that I had not heard before. On one of the piano pieces I listened to there wasn't the slightly hard metallic ringing quality to notes in loud passages that I sometimes heard with the Lehmann. BUT (isn't there always a "but"?)... on extended listening I felt the overall balance or character of the sound was neutral to cold. Sounds had less body and realism, music was somehow uninvolving. I wouldn't buy an HDVA800 despite the fact that it shows up the Lehmann in some areas.


It may be that the HDVA600, without all the digital circuitry, is better but I'll wait for other peoples' opinions on that. The alternatives I have in mind at the moment are the Luxman P1-mu, and perhaps the version of the Lehmann Linear with balanced inputs that is made for the professional market.  I have a feeling this journey may continue for some time.



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Could anyone please tell me if this amp takes the standard 4Pin XLR, or if it's a custom Sennheiser one please.

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It's standard 4 pin xlr. The official 4 pin xlr cable isn't out yet, so the only way anyone is listening to it balanced right now is with third party cables, and there's been no reports of any weirdness using those.

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pic of the connection...


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Thanks Lads, just wanted to be sure as i had a few inquiries after the London meet.

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I listened to the Sennheiser cable and amps at the London meet organised by GSARider (once again, thanks!) this last weekend.


The balanced Sennheiser cable sounded a world apart better than the stock cable with new Sennheiser amp and a HD 800. Don't even think of sticking with the stock single ended cable with this amp. You would be a fool.  In the UK, Sennheiser said they expect it be available from June and they were taking pre-order.


As far as the HDVA 600 amp is concerned, I was quite impressed but not overwhelmed (perhaps a good thing, though). It mirrors the Sennheiser HD 800 sound, very dynamic and neutral. I liked it. The treble seemed to be good in the tracks that they played. However, I demoed vs my Graham Slee Solo Ultralinear and I don't think the Sennheiser bested the Graham Slee by that much at twice the price. Unfortunately, Graham Slee are ugly ducklings, but they are such good value for money. Having said that, the Graham Slees don't do balance output and now it seems that balanced is the way to go with the HD 800.


I heard my HD 800 sound great with a SPL Auditor. Certainly a good match and the SPLs aren't particularly dear either (again about half the price of Sennheiser amp).


In short, my first impressions with the amp are positive, but I think I want to home demo with tracks I know before a final verdict and/or purchase.





PS I think the HDVA 600 may not like the HD 650 as much as the HD 800.







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