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Originally Posted by FelixSG View Post

Does a digital player like the Bryston BDP Pi need a long burn in time ?
Will it sound more detailed after burn in ?
It's funny but I lost some details changing from iPod>mojo>nighthawks to bdp pi>hdvd800>hd800s !
The birds and beach effects at the beginning of Alan Walker's Faded and the echo/second voice at the beginning of Chris Brown's Look at Me Now sound more obvious with the iPod combi rolleyes.gif

I'm not sure why this is surprising. The Mojo is likely a better DAC. As for using it with the HDVD 800 there is no reason this cannot be done. Though the Mojo sometimes will shut off due to heat when it is charged and synced at the same time-- especially when the ambient room temperature is high.
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I don't know about the Bryston but my Sennheiser amp definitely sounds richer after about a 4 or 5 hour warmup.  Most electronics offer improved performance after burn in. Some just require more burn in time than others.  Don't confuse burn-in with warm-up: burn in is initial time on after never being played. Warm up is time spent after turn on for a particular listening session. 

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The Bryston BDP PI is a digital server so how does that have anything to do with burn in and warm up for the HDVD 800?
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Well, it runs on electricity doesn't it, which means it has to be turned on, and keeping it on burns it in. Or does it run on ozone or something?

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Sorry if this is a repeated question (I couldn't read this entire thread)


Anyone used the Uptone Regen with the HDVD800 ?

Is so, is it worth it ?

How much improvement of the sound from the HDVD800 ?

How did you connect it for best effect ?


Thanks & regards,



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