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Originally Posted by vernz View Post

OMG, are you kidding me, the prices are higher than them listed before? I remember it was $1600 for HDVA600 and $2000 for HDVD800... 


The prices on that site are in Aussie dollars!

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I've found that this amp doesn't have enough power for my HD800.
Maybe the source was too quiet or probably i used to listen at extremely high volumes biggrin.gif
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Power and gain are not the same thing. 

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Every day I'm looking for a review everywhere in Google, and theres none! I don't know what's happening with this amp...

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Originally Posted by shinex64 View Post

Every day I'm looking for a review everywhere in Google, and theres none! I don't know what's happening with this amp...

yeah i have been keeping an eye out too - keep dropping by this thread to hopefully read one any day now but its all quiet :)

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I found a review from a Chinese forum called Headphoneclub.





Last week, one of the largest HIFI conferences in China was held in Guangzhou called "Guangzhou AV Fair". 

Sennheiser was there with its new amps HDVD800 and HDVA600, and of course HD800, HD700, HD650 and HD600 were available for audition.

Under the HDVD800 was the LINN Majik DS, and HDVD800 was used as both DAC and Amp.


According to the review, the auditor tested HDVD800 with HD650, HD700 and HD800.


As for the DAC part, he believes it can compete with CEntrance DACmini, it sounds quite thick and warm and smooth. 


HD650: the HDVD800 can handle HD600 and HD650 pretty well. The vocal was a little bit forward, the soundstage wasn't broad but it was full and had great sense of space. But the bass wasn't that good, it sounded a little fleshy, not tight enough.


HD700: The vocal was super close that the auditor felt strong sense of pressure, and it wan't his taste.


HD800: Sense of space was very good, detailed sound, the vocal was a little bit far away. The soundstage shrank but instead it gained a sense of fullness. Overall HD800 sounded mild but not thin. 


Conclusion: HDVD800 can handle HD600/650 pretty well, and for HD800 it's acceptable, but only acceptable, do not have a high expectation that it can deal with HD800. 


ps. the auditor only listened to the single ended version, looking forward to seeing more reviews especially the reviews of balanced output. 

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"HDVD800 can handle HD600/650 pretty well, and for HD800 it's acceptable, but only acceptable, do not have a high expectation that it can deal with HD800."


I've heard the same at Sennheiser room in Budapest - High End Show.

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Does it have a remote?

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No remote.

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Can somebody comment on Violectric HPA V200 vs HDVA600/HDVD800?
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We should create a thread comparing this kind of all-in-one amps, Burson Conductor/160D, Eximus DP1, HDVD800, Fostex A8, Black Cube Linear with usb, etc..


That is my main research, I want to get rid of my O2D and get a big amp for the HD800

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Any updates on the HDVD 800? I thought it was going to be released in the USA in December.

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Originally Posted by akatona View Post

I also know that is is not the thread to do it, but there is something I have to say about the Burson amplifier. This amplifier seems to be nice enough on the outside and inside. Good quality parts throughout (some are excellent) and yet disappointing in every respect. The sound is slaughtered like a rabbit as far as dynamics goes. Obviously, it is something that confirms the rule that even high quality parts cannot erase the mistakes made during the eletrical design. Just mentioning it in contrast with some other opinions here on what or who can be considered an expert in design of audio amplification. 


I could name a few more but then I risk being deleted from the community altogether for it is an extended hand of the marketeers. 


What Burson did you listen to? I have owned ha-160ds, listened to ha-160d and have the Burson Conductor now.


When I had the DS i had 2 headphones : hd650 and grado rs2i and for a while lcd2. With hd650 it was absolutely awesome. I loved the lcd2 on it too, but i had the feeling the headphones can do better.

I did not like the Grado RS2i on it, i just couldn't listen to it. My galaxy s (Wolfson wm8994 dac) was a much better pairing for the rs2i than the ha-160ds. 

I have also listened to hd800 on it for a week. Well... it didn't impress me, I do not think it is a good pair.


Ah, the ha-160ds improved substantially with my PS Audio Duet power conditioner. Even though Burson markets the ha-160ds being the same with the 160d but with less options, it has a weaker power source, which benefits more from power conditioning.


So it is all about pairing. I am not saying burson is the best, but I liked it very much in pairing with hd650 and even lcd2.


After the 160ds, I got the Burson Conductor. This baby is in a different league. When I went to listen to it at a good friend, I did not expect too much of a difference. It was huge with lcd2, so i bought it. The surprise was with hd800. I had the feeling it is a good pair with it. The sound is much more smooth, the bass is better, the brightness went away, I even liked listening to rock music on hd800 :D

Ah and the Conductor did not benefit from my ps audio duet power conditioner. Actually it restricted dynamics a loot! I asked the burson team about it and they said that the conductor already has a 5 step power filtering inside, and power conditioners usually make it worse . I have also noticed that my wireworld aurora cable was not a good match either, because it restricted dynamics, bass and introduced sibilance . The cable has some filtering inside which may get in the way of the 5 step filter inside conductor.


We also tested LCD3 and M2Tech Vaughan, and I found that Vaughan was indeed a liiitle more smooth and had a blacker background (it runs on battery, so the power is clean and cables make no difference) and more details, but the differences were so little. I actually preferred the Conductor over Vaughan, but that was just me (conductor seemed to have a better bass with the audeze headphones, and better lower midrange).

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In the next several days I will have the opportunity to take a good listen at the HDVA600. I will give my opinion when I get back. I have heard it before mind you and I must admit I was not floored. I rarely am on first or even a second listen but still, I think an amplifier with high end aspirations deserves a really good listen so that is exactly what I am going to do.




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great that you are experienced (in the business) and that someone knowledgeable is getting a chance to audition one


look forward to your impressions especially if you have a pair of hd800's :)

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