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Originally Posted by TheManko View Post

For the LCD headphones the Essence III amp sounds better. It sounds more linear, while the HDVD 800 creates peaks in the sound which obscure the deep bass. It makes the LCD headphones not sound like I expect them to based on their frequency response, while the Essence III does make them sound as they should.


One negative with the Essence III amp is that is sounds slightly less wide than the HDVD 800. 

I love the sound of the Essence III dac in combination with the HDVD 800 amp and the HD 800.



two amps is too much for me because not rich today...hope next time...want to talk more but its to much for my brain to translate..... in a german review it sounds sometimes same  like yours but  with akg  812...  i have translate the text from this with google :




in the bass surpassed the essence III with the top handset akg 812 even the sennheiser as a comparative anchor relied HDVD 600 in punch and volume. who rock and pop preferably should appeal to this ability also find the soundstage was able to convince . in transparency and high frequency resolution asus but not came up to the Hanoverian whole blood. the German offered more tone and seemed much more open , more transparent than the challenger in the fine drawing things not quite approached who it warm and round like and hearty bass is , however, can live quite well with this vote. who the asus transformer gets used as there already offered more ..........


i think i hear with hdvd amp and buy the  next sennheiser headphone  when it comes ..nomax say end of this year :-)



or you give me essence III  when not want..so you free for other new toys

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news : ....  i have found a german review




the  hdvd 800 is also good for lcd 3  >>>  








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So... just how well does the HDVD800 pair with the HD800s?

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Originally Posted by Dragonsan View Post

So... just how well does the HDVD800 pair with the HD800s?


Very well indeed!  Start reading through these 170 pages of posts and you will see that most agree that the HDVD 800 and HDVA 600 are an excellent match for the HD 800.  But, as always, you will have to listen for yourself to make the final decision.

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Originally Posted by Dragonsan View Post

So... just how well does the HDVD800 pair with the HD800s?

I have the HDVD800 with the HD800, along with a balanced cable rather than the single-ended one that normally comes with the HD800 (Sennheiser also sells a balanced cable for about $375, but mine is custom).


I have never observed any of the concerns that some have expressed for the HD800, with my combination:


  • Treble is smooth, balanced, and natural - no fatiguing shoutiness that causes some folks to perform a mod to their HD800s;
  • Natural levels of bass, with definition so that you can easily tell pitch and timbre of the instrument.  No enhanced heavy bass, but also no bloated or muddy bass.


I am completely satisfied.

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Finally! I got my Audiophilleo2/PurePower and a wirewood uv cable as someone just happened to have it for sale in Denmark at lower than half the price. A rare occurrence indeed.


I don't use the cable since i like the one i had already better(Supra usb cable). It also matches the Supra power cable, so there's that.


Let me tell you. You were completely right. It truly is the missing piece for the hdvd 800. It fills in so many gaps.


It's super detailed now. The resolution is simply incredible. It's more upfront and the bass has improved. Nothing sounds too tame anymore. The music has more soul is a good way to put it. All this without being harsh or in any way disruptive. It's very nicely driven and under smooth control from start to finish.


Thanks for recommending me this little gem. I promised myself this would be the last addition to my setup and it has been. I can mark the project as finished and enjoy the result in all it's glory. :)


I highly recommend the stuff from Audiophilleo and Supra when paired up with the HDVD 800 and HD 800.


Big thumbs up to you ALRAINBOW.

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I am happy for you and am glad ypu saved big on buying it. Enjoy it
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