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Originally Posted by ALRAINBOW View Post

I have a possible situation with my hdvd800 as amp only.


I use this as an amp daily leaving it on mostly. I have found or think it sounds better warmed up for a while, now this could be plecibo who knows .


but owning a hugo and now a ifi dsd micro I have found an new oddity.  both dacs when used to drive the amp input sound bad. with the hugo it takes off the top end a bit . loosing the air around the music . with the ifi its much worse its dulling and warmes it up to much. the hdvd800 is a very neutral amp I think and this is gret with any dac I have ever tried . except the two above . what can it be . I use simple rca interconnects and have trtied a few just to see. I am thinking its about output to input imp being bad for the input of the hdvd800 . what can I do ?? 


the hd800 sounds better with the ifi direct so much better that I cannot use the setup. it does not make the hugo bad but does loose the air.


help any ideas ??  I am going to try a preamp in between them but I do not own one . and the only one I do own is very old a david halfler old . showing my age here I built it when I was a kid .   help ???



Hi al,


I followed your advise on using AP+PP on the HDVD800 and the sound is much improved. I am also considering to get a hugo if it can further enhance the SQ. Now you mentioned that the HDVD800 doesn't match well with hugo have worried me a bit. Can you elaborate how does it sound using hugo with HDVD800 compare to HDVD800 with AP+PP? Does it sound worse to use a better DAC such as hugo with the HDVD800?


If you do have any update on using HDVD800 with hugo, please share with us! Thanks.

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I am glad you heard the improvement with the AP1/PP. The hugo is much better dcs with PCM and dsd than the one inside the hdvd800. The situation I am Having with the hugo is not bad really it's something I have come to notice.
The pairing with the micro is bad . The hugo is a little Brite but his goes away with the hdvd800. So,it's not bad.
No worries feel good if you choose to buy the hugo. If you have the ap1/pp it to helps things with the Hugo currawang likes it . Is the ap1/pp yup have the standard or the SE version ??
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My AP/PP is the SE version. One of the reason I'm looking at hugo is the hdvd800 dac doesn't support high res PCM and DSD via SPDIF. The amp section of the hdvd800 is excellent to drive the HD800 and thus, a hugo hdvd800 combo in theory may work well together. Do you find switching RCA cables help to fix your issue with this combination? 

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No cables did really change anything. Really the Hugo is fine with the hdvd800. I would buy one and see for yourself. It's takes the shine off the top a little but when you listen for a little while this goes away and what is leftmost very nice. Remeber doing and A/B is always a big change but letting things settle our brain evens things out .

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