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Judging by your answer you hVe never heard how much better it can be.

Good luck.

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More than one way to skin a cat. My personal feeling is a USB to I2S conversion directly to the DAC with a reclock is the least intrusive. Unfortunately, I2S is still being resisted by the big gear makers and many of the budget minded boutique makers. The DIY crowd have latched on to it's simplicity and love it's performance compared to S/Pdif conversion. I see those as a way to breath longer life into the quality old DACs with good discrete outputs.
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Happy I agree. But the i2 s inputs is not a must as most all dacs sound
Greatly improved with spidif.
My own testing with the offramp 5 and the ps audio proved
That to me. It was not noticbly better with the I2S
Input over spidif. Something to keep in mind is the fact that USB is not
Around as long as spidif is. In fact many hi end dacs
Simply do not have USB from just a few years ago.
Also look at the majority of the music players
They are almost all spidif and network.
Very few have USB.
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I think if an XMOS USB processor is good enough for DAC's made by Ayre, Bryston, Meridian, etc. then the asynchronous USB performance of the HDVD800 probably doesn't need to be bypassed in favor of a USB to S/PDIF converter.

Now, if you have a 20 year old DAC and want to feed it from your laptop, then it might be a good solution - although I would argue that a better solution would be to buy a new DAC.
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That's my dilemma. I want to keep my hdvd 800's dac because i want a small solution, but if a better dac would be a much better upgrade than an audiophilleo2+pp then i guess i'll go that route anyway. So, a2+pp or better dac for hdvd 800?

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Your answer is simple. No matter what dac you buy , the AP1/PP will make much better. So in the end buy one , or an offramp . But anyone who has heard how much better it is , is just cheating g them selves. Buy a used one , but the new ones do dsd . But if you will be using the hdvd800 it does not matter and the spidif only goes to 24/96. .but if you use jriver it converts on the fly. Whatever you do if you buy it post how good it sounds. I am tired of trying to help people and basically get pooped on by those who have no idea what they are missing .

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There's a difference in trying to help people or acting like you are a prophet. I doubt you have tried all well designed dacs.

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I am not. Prophet and the fact yup put in that level of ideals makes me understand not to bother helping you. So let people here read and try and learn. You stay on the dark side LMAO.

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troll warning alert~~~~

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Do you use your HDVD800 with the HE 6 ?

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My HE6 is still under shipping.......

And I do plan to get some thing like GS-X or DS to drive it.

Don't think HDVD800 have enough current.

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I have both the amp and headphone. It is clear Nd loud but thin. It's a shame too the amp is really good. . Those headphones are really good but need a real speaker amp.

I can add this too when you get those headphones and get a good amp for them. The HD800 will be getting put aside.

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I really do not think your tone will work out here. Nothing in this world can be that absolute.


You are entitled with your own opinion, and I respect that.I also heard that many people say you need a speaker amp to power the HE6.

However, whether or not I will put aside my HD800 will not be depend on your taste. It is like saying HD800 is better than T1, or STAX is better than HE90.


Base on your very expensive collection on headfi systems, I do valid your feedback on those amps, but I really think you should also provide more details other than personal expression like "thin" in sound.


I have read about your claims about those "MAGIC" boxes. I really think you should layout more background about your findings. Otherwise, it is very hard for people to understand or believe you.

I am sure DACs been make recently all have USB async board built in. They completely change the story about jitter. There is no clock signal been attached anymore meaning you do not need to have ultra clear signal anymore. The jitter has more dependence on the DAC's on board converter as compare to the external one.


The main reason that we switch to digital representation of the signal is to make it more robust to noise and interference. Hence, I really think if a $500 USB cable is going to improve your DAC's sound, the DAC design is having some serious flaws. In the end, you are just reading something that is either "HIGH" or "LOW" with a very large voltage range for the noise to play around and not casing any trouble.


Let just say even some jitter has been produced in the DAC, how many of them can be hear by human ear is another story. If you have done the GOLD EAR TEST presented by Phillips, you should notice that even telling the difference between 128Kbps and 112Kbps mp3 files are very hard for most of people without training. How hard can it be for you to tell the difference between a 24/192 recording and 24/96 recording? I personally do not have the confidence to say I can ace it 100%.


I admit, even though I can pass the GOLD EAR TEST, my ear is far from a true GOLD ear in headfi. For instance, I can not pick up any difference between a $2000 cable and $200 one. I also cannot pick up any jitter difference between my USB and Optical interface on my DAC. I think my ear is only good for HD800 "level of details" and anything higher for me is "useless" to me. You have to believe that in this world, there are people that is "worse" than you. They just do not "deserved" the ultra expensive stuff currently on the market now. Anything that is obvious to you, might not trigger anything to others.



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Wow , I am sorry if I came across like that to you . It was not meant to be like that at all. In fact I hate people who talk down to others. I am no better than you are in hearing . I only have read a lot and then bought all the stuff to hear it for my self. This allows me to debunk the facts from the myths. Now as for jitter your are ending white papers or just believing
Hype. I am sure if you were next to me and I did the on and off with the device you would say wow . I am not saying you would go buy one , but you would hear it. My post was meant to help,others from buying a 5 k DAC thinking that will fix everything. As for the terms thin if you just asked me what it means I would give more details. The funny thing is I asked many people here to learn and most were kind even if there answer made no sense or was not what I wanted to hear.

Thin Lean sounding , not a balanced tonal performance in sound . Lacking bass both detail and impact.

I hope this helps and it does not matter how much we spend Its only money . It does matter what we learn from what we spend it on. There are people on hear that hVe cheap stuff that I respect as there minds are open to new thoughts.

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And ps the reason you cannot hear the difference from a cheap USB cable to an expensive one is there is little to no change they both have large amounts of jitter .

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