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So just to get this straight, what operating systems can i upgrade the HDVD 800's firmware from?

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Both. But if windows shut down any programs that are not needed to run
As this will make the install have a better chance
Of completing
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I heard of people having problems when updating from windows 8 and it would basically ruin the usb port of the hdvd 800.


Don't know if it's fine with windows 7 but mac is supposed to be a safe bet.

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windows 7 works fine, just don't update with windows 8 ;)


Mine made the dac unusable because of a failed upgrade with windows 8.1, just avoid upgrading with 8(.1) alltogether and use windows 7 or mac.

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As I sit at my dinning room table and play one of my reference tracks , this comes to my mind.

Wow using my AP1/PP. WITH MY HD800 and the HDVD800. All I can say is WOW. this combo is really GOOD.

And anyone who says the amp or DAC in this combo really does not know what they are talking about. . Now with out the
AP1/PP. IT STINKS yes I said it. Vocals are good and drums are good but the the upper sounds are grainy and blurred .

Now hookup my Audiophilleo and wow what I great dac. This proves the dC is really pretty good but jitter is just ruining it .

For what it's worth we all should own one of these little things. And if you do there will be no need for another dac. Now the limits here of the spidif still exist at 24/96. As the it will not play 24/192 .

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I think i experienced a bit of the same grainy or clicky sound from the hd800+hdvd800+ch800s the first time around. Lowering the gain to the lowest setting behind the hdvd800 made it easier to listen to for longer periods of time for me. It sounds a bit more balanced and laid back somehow. The ch800s cable can make the hd800's almost too clear and analytical. Overall though i think it just takes a while to get fully used to the 800's and the amount of sound they portray.

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I actually never tried the build in dac, but I do know the HDVD800 sounds great together with my V800 dac

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Yes they are but that is how it sounds when the dac is not really good. I have a MSB dac expensive stuff . When I use it with the hdvd800 and the hd800 it is fantastic. . It has bass and great detail with impact. My point is. The AP1/PP REally makes the dac sound fantastic.

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Of that dac is good it will be. The amp is really good.

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Does anyone know how the hdvd800's DAC is in compare to Schiit Bifrost Uber?

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Can you post a link to the AP1/PP? It's new to me and google doesn't show much.

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Originally Posted by pdrm360 View Post

Does anyone know how the hdvd800's DAC is in compare to Schiit Bifrost Uber?

I'd like to know aswell.

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I do not know the shiit DAC. But to my ears with the ap1/pp. It is a really good pairing. .

I hope someone here has one besides me so they can say just how good it sounded .

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Does anybody know if they will be able to fix the spidif to work above 24/96. .?

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