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May I order online?

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Originally Posted by ysyung View Post

May I order online?


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Originally Posted by custom-cable View Post



552776 size M (One Pair)


Retail in the UK £25.36




Great site. If you could find a way to modify the IE800 replacement lead to a longer length, you would have a buyer here!

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spkrs01: (would use the quote feature but it seems to have some trouble with iPad Chrome for some odd reason)

Yeah, usually pretty high volume. So far I´ve mostly listened to genres that like to be played loud. The rumbling punchy bass goes over all environmental sounds. The IE800 really shine outside. Oh and I don´t hear that much wind noise either, perhaps I tend to wear them so that the vents don´t face the wind that much or something.
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Originally Posted by custom-cable View Post

Unfortunately not in stock yet though.
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Pico Slim has been in the house for a full week. At last I have a portable rig to match the diminutive IE800 case.






I have been listening constantly on the road and at home over the last eight days. The Pico Slim has done exactly what I hoped with the IE800. As much as I love the IE800 sound signature - my favourite portable IEM to date - I do find that the soundstage can be a bit blanketing and claustrophobic, particularly in quiet environments. The mids are glorious but I find myself wishing that the sun would peak through just a bit. The Pico Slim has opened up the sound of the IE800, providing more space between the instruments and expanding the perceived size of the soundstage. In my view, it is perfect synergy, the missing spice in the mix.


A quality of the Pico Slim is that while it enhances the sense of space and separation, mids sound just a little less thick. This is why I did not like it with the ES5. To my taste it threw off the delicate balance between the mids and treble. (At least one other person on here had the same perception and at least one other person here likes the combination so it is a matter of taste.) I ended up trading away the Pico Slim and sticking with the Stepdance which is utterly neutral. Then when the IE800 came into my life, I found myself wanting the Pico Slim again. I thought that the extra dynamics of the Pico Slim would solve the IE800 blanket effect. I bought it again. And I was right.


In my view the IE800 has rebalanced the sound of the IE800 in the right direction. The greatest compliment I can pay to the Pico Slim + IE800 combination is that on Thursday I spent three hours on the couch in my flat listening to all sorts of music and absolutely in heaven. I had felt that the IE800 was a bit deficient as a home headphone, its bold sound signature too claustrophobic for the peace and quiet. No more. The IE800 is still soaring on subways, fast trains and city streets. And right now, in the quiet of my hotel room, it is hitting all the marks. The changes are subtle; the IE800 is still very much the IE800. The mids still stun. The bass is unchanged in quantity but tighter on the entry and exit. Overall the IE800 is just a bit brighter with a cleaner and more open ambience.


YMMV depending on your tastes but to me this is looking like an end game portable rig.


(Hah! When have you heard that on here before.  biggrin.gif )

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Originally Posted by cooperpwc View Post

YMMV depending on your tastes...



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Glad u have found your end game rig right now.. I am stil searching for one and i suspect this might also be my end game iem... So far it has everything I wish in an iem from all these great rig.

Anyone know where I can get one in US from authorize dealer..
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Audiowood, I hope that you find it soon. It still seems to be quite rare.


I am clocking some serious hours on the IE800 with my new rig. The business travel is part of it but I am also finding it to be just plain addictive.

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cooperpwc, what high end iem's have you owned or own?

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Owned? Just the TF10 and ES5. (I am not counting the Piano Fortes; not a portable IEM.).

However I am blessed to travel to Hong Kong regularly where I can hear a wide variety of IEMs including universal versions of customs.
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oh, what high end IEMs have you heard?

how does the quality the sound compare, without amp?


I'm not sure if I should buy this since I already own JVC FX700 and Phonak PFE 232

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Originally Posted by Mini0510 View Post

oh, what high end IEMs have you heard?

how does the quality the sound compare, without amp?


I'm not sure if I should buy this since I already own JVC FX700 and Phonak PFE 232


Just go for custom made IEM. For me, its worth the money.

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Unfortunately I haven't heard those.

I am no longer interested in sealed BA IEMS - too hard on my ears. But in terms of just sound quality, the portable IEMs that I like the most (in no particular order) are the ES5, Private 335 and IE800.

The IEM that I haven't heard but most want to is the K3003.

The IE800 is fine unamped although the sound is a bit thick. It's very nice for running around town.
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