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For Sale: IC: Sennheiser HD800 with chris_himself SilverRay cable

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For Sale:
IC: Sennheiser HD800 with chris_himself SilverRay cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD800s, but was a bit disappointed with their condition. I'd like to buy another set in better condition, so I am looking to unload these quickly and have priced them accordingly. This is a great opportunity to pick up a pair of outstanding cans at a steal.


These come with:

- the original outer box/packaging,

- the original inner box/protective case

- the original cable, where the connectors seem to have suffered the usual HD800 problems, but are still fully usable - UPDATE: Please see the pictures. I took a closer look and on one of the connectors on the stock cable, the sheathing has been torn and you can see the naked wire underneath. Again, the cables work fine and they are in no danger of ripping off the connectors, but obviously the damage is not minor. Still, this should be easily fixable. If you want, I can put some heatshrink over the damaged bits before sending them to you. The wire underneath actually appears to be in good condition.

- a SilverRay silver cable with Furutech 1/4" plug - Aesthetically, this is a brilliant match to the futuristic-looking HD800s. Note that this is a "naked" cable without any sort of techflex or sleeving, just the clear plastic or teflon or whatever it is that covers the actual cable itself, so you can really see the beautiful silver (see the pictures).

- UPDATE: Frequency response graph/certificate from Sennheiser - It looks like the previous owner requested this separately from Sennheiser.



I guess the best way to describe these HD800s is well-used. Technically, you could probably rate these a 7 on the Audiogon scale, but I would prefer to be conservative and rate them a 6.5 or something [EDIT: I'm going to rate these a 6 on the Audiogon scale]. There is a small chip on one side (see pictures). The guy I bought them from noted that in his description, but frankly, it doesn't bother me at all. It is very small and not immediately apparent, because where the chip occurred is still silver underneath, so it's not like there is a black spot when you're looking at the HD800s (in the pictures, I tried to light the HD800s to emphasize the chip).


Other issues: the earpads are well-worn [EDIT: I'm starting to wonder about this. I have never seen mint earpads, so it is possible that these are actually OK. The cavity within the HD800 cups is so big, that it is possible I just wasn't used to the feel. The foam on the pads has very, very fine pores, so maybe I'm just not used to this kind of foam. In any case, I'm more comfortable describing these as well-worn and that's what you should assume.], the headband pad has an indentation from where the previous owner hung these on a stand (see pictures, but note that this doesn't impact comfort when wearing them) and the fabric on the top has separated from the frame in one place so that if you pull the fabric to the side, you can see the padding underneath  (note: you could probably tuck the fabric back under the metal part of the band and not even notice. For purposes of the pictures, I had to pinch the fabric and full it away from the headband to show the foam). Lastly, I noticed some bubbling or scratches to the paint on one side. I never noticed this before, and the pictures make it appear 10x worse/more obvious than in real life, but it is there.


There is really nothing wrong with these from a structural standpoint, they're just...well-used.


Also, just to be clear: these HD800s still sound amazing. The issues above are minor and don't impact the sound. I'm not even sure why it is that I'm disappointed. I think it was just because the seller wasn't completely forthcoming in his description. He mentioned the chip, but not the pads and headband, for example. If he had described everything fully, I think I would have been satisfied, even at the price I paid.



1. I tried to take picture of the flaws that I saw and also circle them in red to make it obvious. Please note that for some of these pictures, I was using my camera in macro mode. In other words, these are small flaws photographed from very, very close to really magnify the problem.

2. The headband and pads look lighter in the pictures than they do in real life. That's the way it always is when taking pictures of predominantly black things, and foam/velvet/velour in particular.

3. You may see some specks on the grills in the pictures. This is dust. I looked carefully at the grills, but didn't see any dents or defects.

4. If you need more pictures of something, let me know. But it will be a few hours before I can upload them.


Now, here's the good part: I currently own the following...


Beyerdynamic T1 - recabled with DHC Nucleotide cable
Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 1
HiFiMAN HE-500
Denon AH-D7000 with J$ v1 pads and recabled with Black Dragon cable
Sennheiser HD600
Beyerdynamic DT990 - 600 Ohm
AKG K550
Alessandro MS2
Ultrasone Pro 2900

...and I have previously owned all of the following...


Denon AH-D5000
Denon AH-D2000
Sennheiser HD650
HiFiMAN HE-400
Grado PS500
Grado RS-1i
Grado SR-225i (woodied)
Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 Ohm)

Ultrasone Pro 900


From my perspective, the HD800s smoke all of the above, and not by a small margin. I thought I had reached the point where no headphone could make me sit up and take notice the way I did the first time I heard a real quality set of cans. The HD800s proved me wrong. The resolution, purity of tone, imaging and soundstage are just absolutely......jawdropping. I am absolutely amazed. And I plan on buying another set as soon as this deal goes through. For what its worth, you should forget everything you've ever heard about the HD800s sounding clinical. They sound like life!! The realism is just astonishing. I find they sound absolutely incredible. Extension up and down seems to have no end.


Here are the terms:

- Payment must be sent by PayPal gift or buyer must include 3% extra

- Shipping: add $15 for domestic shipping, I will pay for the cost above $15. If it winds up being less (highly unlikely), I will refund the difference. This will be with a tracking number/delivery confirmation, but NOT insurance. If you want the package sent insured, you will need to pay the additional cost.

- I am willing to ship internationally, but buyer must bear the cost.

- Upon receipt, you will have 1 day to inspect the HD800s and determine whether I have accurately described their condition. If not, you can send them back to me for a full refund, less my shipping costs to you.

- UPDATE: Interest in these has been very strong, for which I am grateful, but I didn't want to accept payment until I had a chance to put up pictures and include a full description. Since I don't have a particularly fair way to pick among offers and need the proceeds to buy another set of HD800s, I've changed the listing to $799 or best offer. Please PM me your best offer tonight (if you have limited PMs, you can also post it as a comment below). If there is more than one offer at the same price, or if everyone sticks to my original $799 offer (which would be perfectly fair), then I will throw darts at my computer screen and see whose PM I hit. Final comment: I don't expect these to go for way over my asking price, but a couple dollars would obviously be nice. If it's $799, so be it. Also fine. And I would be happy for someone else to get to try the HD800s at a good price.


If you ever wanted a pair of HD800s, but didn't think you could swing the cost, now is your time to pounce. Yes, this set isn't shiny and new, but this is a solid, if well-used, set that sounds amazing. Enjoy!



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Hmm dude. Wait for today and let me see if i can sell my nuforce icon hdp. If sold or whatever or whoever emails or pms me, i'll buy it off from you. If not, i guess it's the LCD02 REV 2

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PM'ed need a second pair of HD800....

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***UPDATE***: The response has been slightly overwhelming. Please hold off on contacting me until I have had the chance to post pictures. Thanks for your understanding!

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If I win the sweepstakes, you'll have the payment as soon as I received the words, "Congrats. You have won the bid"



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I can't hate on you Ivan beerchug.gif I also got a good deal on 'em...time to find a good cable too :D

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