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The Video Game Music Thread

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I'm surprised that nobody's made one of these yet. Better late than never, I suppose.


How about I kick it off with a track out of something I've been recently playing, now that it's finally out in the US?



So wonderful...it even makes me want to stop at the title screen for a bit before continuing onward with the game itself sometimes. There's also a great Iwata Asks interview on Xenoblade that goes into detail on how the game's soundtrack was created, among other things.


And while I know it's practically a rule for JRPGs to have great music (seriously, I have a hard time thinking of a JRPG that DOESN'T have a good soundtrack), Xenoblade still stands out here. Not that I'd expect any less out of people like Yoko Shimomura (she was responsible for the soundtracks to Street Fighter II and Legend of Mana, after all), but they clearly haven't lost their touch.


Anyone else have some notable video game tracks they'd like to bring up in here? Genre doesn't matter, as long as it's from a game of some kind. Age doesn't matter, either; I'm also quite fond of good NES, SNES, Genesis, and other chiptune/synthesized game music tracks.

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Off the top of my head:


Halo CE: OST


Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind OST


Bastion OST


Here's some snippets, but the whole soundtracks are worth buying and listening to.




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The Total Annihilation soundtrack is pretty awesome if you've ever played that game.

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You're on, NamelessPFG :)

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I live and breathe video game music. Seriously, most of the music I have is either video game tracks, or remixes.

Nier. Still the best soundtrack I have ever heard in a game. Just... something majestic about it all. I didn't even play the game past 30 minutes.

And in case you lived in a hole...


Free video game remixes, some which are instant classics. If you click on albums, you will find torrents that tend to have FLAC versions of remixes.
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Anxious Heart from Final Fantasy VII, my all-time favorite video game song.  I love that whole soundtrack.  I found the Japanese 4 disc soundtrack at a used record store for $10 last year and it just made my day!

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Have you heard "Voices Of The Lifestream?" They really did the FFVII soundtrack justice.


Jillian did an amazing remix of Anxious Heart mixed with the overworld theme on this album, (it's also on her OWN album).

FFVII, one of my faves of all time, and definitely my fave 'mythology' of all time. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Have you heard "Voices Of The Lifestream?" They really did the FFVII soundtrack justice.


Cool, I'll check that out!

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Holy crap I spy a Nier player!  Awesome game, awesome music aside, it still got repetitive running across the giant green fields hearing that solo woman sing throughout.  Good thing you can do custom soundtracks in that game if you have the urge for it.


Ok I got something.




Edit: Thanks for the remix website.  And... FUDGE! I saw a spoiler for Nier since I listened to it through the youtube website, in the playlist to the right I saw a spoiler since I didn't beat the game yet.  Can't say I wasn't expecting it though, specially with the opening hinting at this.

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Lol, I played maybe the first 30 minutes of Nier, that was it. I rented it because the demo made it look awesome... but then I was disappoint. frown.gif

But the music... the MUSIC! <3
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You should play it just for the conversations! The character interactions are top notch and hilarious, no skit only moments required =P

Actually 30 mins isn't enough for you to get to some hilarious conversations.  Did you even get Weiss yet?  Actually  I recall you saying you don't get into Zelda-esque games I believe?  If so then no helping it then.




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Yeah, not into that type of game. At first, it looked like it was gonna be epic, but after the initial sequence (in the snow), everything else turned me off immediately.
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This one's for you MLE heh.



Inferia's Battle theme with this link, but a remix.  I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1zv6N4e0P-0#t=276s  Do note it's being used in a battle but I can't find it anywhere else on youtube.


On a seperate note, if you start the video from scratch the guy has an interesting choice of music selection for the boss.

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q.Q' I did a OST thread in the music section that included TV and Video Game music! *sighs* still my favorite Game OST's are


Metroid Prime [GC] [Only the first one, the other 2 just remix trax from the first :/]

Custom Robo [GC]

Front Mission [SNES]

Tetris Attacks [SNES]


I'd post videos but youTubed is blocked for me atm :3

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Eternia is the Tales game I've played the most, followed by Destiny. Love their soundtracks.

OCremix has a great double album of Symphonia+Phantasia music...


My favorite on that album is probably...

Ironically, I couldn't connect myself with the Symphonia characters, so I didn't play much of the game... it's the only Tales game I've played that I didn't care for.
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