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Fake Triple fi 10s? - Page 2

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Hey guys. I was interested in buying a new set of IEMs and I thought UE Triple fi 10's were a good start.

Through some research, I found Amazon had the best price at $180. That is WAY cheaper than any Australian retailer has them listed.

With that being said.. What do you guys think? Fake? Real?
Thanks. smily_headphones1.gif

There is no TF10 fakes, even after 7 years or so. I guess it's because it's very hard to replicate a balanced armature, and won't be cheap even to replicate it, it is probably even harder to replicate multiple balanced armatures since they would have to replicate the crossover as well. So those are 100% real. Also, Amazon do no sell fakes, that's what I do know for now. 

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Amazon should be good for real goods :)

I got a couple sets there and no concerns.

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