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New Hi-Fier Upgrading from S4i

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I am looking for something more balanced in terms of frequency range. Before S4is i used some Koss branded ones that i liked for about 50$ and their bass clarity (for 50$) sounded pretty good.

I was looking at D2ks and maybe D5ks but I'm going by the general advice to invest in a "full" setup rather than just base budget on the cans.

What I plan on doing is getting a decent DAP for portability (nothing like HF 801 ,601, iBasso DX100,Colorfly etc) like maybe a used RWA iMod or just a plain 240GB modded ipod video 5.5G. Planning on selling my used iPhone 3GS White 16GB to help me pay for the whole rig but I also hope to slowly buy the base rig.

SO Basically I am looking for advice for a basic starter set up that can start with unamped or Fiio E9,E17(within that range) Cans that I can later invest in maybe a 200$+ range amp and further expand my DAP price range too.

Learning for the site i also noticed people say that getting good cans will really point out the stark comparison of a good DAP and a bad DAP and will really make the bad DAP stick out more, so thats another thing im sort of worried about.

I generally listen to EDM and stuff liek Muse,Radiohead,Regina Spektor, Smashing Pumpkins,Metric

so I'm somewhat a poppy, electric listener, Deadmau5 and Chemical Brothers tend to use a deeper bass sound in thier songs that i can bring out sometimes on my old 10 year old Altec Lansing desktop speakers and i want headphones that give me that feel without muddling it out. I used to adjust the bass knob higher, but now since i got my S4is and i appreciate the "crisp"ness that Highs can provide to a songs overall sound i turn the bass up alittle and treble up quite a bit.

Only caveat is i do want a "all round" can more than a specified can because its my starter and because i do have about 50GB of movie scores and game scores and i really want to bring those out. Hans Zimmer, John Powell,john Williams, etc.

Side question; DACs and such... I am sort fo confused. if i get a Headphone amp a portable one how does the "bypassing the iPods internal DAC" work. does that mean it can output with better frequency rang, does it literally allow 24-bit files to go through? does it down sample those? do i hear anything more material wise that isnt "enhanced" but a more "true" audio?

Do DACs make the audio on a poor DAP more "true" or do they sugar coat it to make it sound better

Okee thanks sorry for the long first Post here i jsut want to get all the info out there so i don't sound like someone being like "list all good headphones under 200$ plz plz plz"

AGH i found more to say:

so far the only headphones that i felt a noticeable increased soundstage out of the few i ever tried, were the Bose Quiet Comfort...I dont really know why. other headphones ...especially the Beats just sound muddy and I don't know..i feel like nothing is there...that my s4Is for 120$ are better than every can ive tried :/ This isn't the case so just thought I'd put that out there so you can see more what it is i might be experiencing.

Thank you SOOOOO much to anyone who so much as just reads it.
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You had it right in your opener. I'd go Denon D2000. You can start ampless. Great way to go overall. Not a budget option. It's an end-game option honestly.


If you increase budget and want more warmth, the Denon D5000.

If you want to lower the budget a touch and go for something else, the Beyer DT770 comes to mind. But it will need an amp. So the budget actually sort of goes up actually.

Another option that is inbetween on budget is the AudioTechnica A900X. You can start ampless, but it benefits an amp. So cost goes up.


Very best,

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Thanks! I was wary about choosing D2k but every time I tried to explore more it kept pointing back to those...I really havent had an audiophile experience and I'm hoping a beginning rig would provide me with a good start for that road to auditory bliss smily_headphones1.gif

As far as a good amp to get for portability? Would e17 be ok or should I get another brand or go with the e11?

I saw that the e17 can work as a semi desktop amp too and since I was putting money down on the headphones and then putting some on a portable amp might as well use it on my pc as well

Is the E17 worth it for the amount more it is per tr other portable Fiio stuff?

And would an iPod video suffice or Would a cowon player or something be better

(plan on rockboxing the iPod Video so I can do flac maybe, but I have some Apple Lossless too)
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Bump for my second question.
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It seems that you're in the pre-purchase stage of your investment. Instead of spending several hundred dollars on a can you're not certain about, try listening to a variety of models. There's plenty of time to do your research. The 2DK is a very good choice...and even if you don't like it, you can still sell it later and preserve most of your investment. 


I sure wish the headphone preview program was still active - a great way to gain experience with top-notch headphones.

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OK, I'm not a fan of reviving topics, but It went dormant do tot he fault of me being a scared buyer and not having tested anything worth noting. I now own some recabled D2000 which I will say are superb I'm now interested in what an Amp would do to these babies!

Not a hundred percent sure I understand how amps exactly work. I'm still thinking E17 but if that doesn't seem to pair well I will reassess my wild guess. But I always hear extremely starkly contrasting views on Fiio products. But every product has its haters right?

I'm currently on an iphone 4S for my portable audio but I may invest in maybe a Rocoo P? since it knocks out two birds with one stone. Unfortunately i havent ever heard anything bad about Rocoo P which is a sign,to me, that no one is being critical enough.

so my current in-brain ideas are:

E17 with current iPhone until further money "gainage".
Rocoo P no E17 or nothing until further gainage

so mainly if i were to keep that narrow choice id say its whether I wouldbenefit from a bigger DAP and quality DAP. or want an amp for my current iPhone.

Thanks for taking your time to deal with my obvious timidness with decision.

@poikkeus, thanks to your blunt observation of my obvious indecision, I felt obligated to take initiative and decide to get the headphones i got smily_headphones1.gif
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-NVM these babies are priceless i love them.

Hackett out
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