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Headfi and safari = slow as *****!

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Until recently I had no problems viewing headfi on either mac mini with safari or fire fox or my ipad 1 with safari.  Don't know what's happened but in the last couple of days Headfi refuses to load on the ipad (crashes to desktop everytime), and on the mac mini just grinds everything to a halt.  Using Firefox on the same mac and there's no issue.  Also browsing at work on windows is fine.


The fact that it's happening on safari (not the fun type either!) on two separate machines means I'm a bit stumped.



Any ideas?





PS Hang on I've got it!  It's a subtle way of curing everyones upgradeitis!



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I'm using safari and have no problems. You might try clearing out safari's cache or adjusting its settings.
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I'm in this thread as someone who has never ever needed to visit this part of the forum, but I was forced to come here to report exactly the same issue with Safari, and lo and behold, it seems I'm not the only one! If my post here is poorly formatted, I apologise, but it's for a reason - I've had to turn off javascript. Something in the Head-Fi forum software changed in just the past few days and it's definitely something about the java script. I'm no programmer, but I twigged that it was probably a bad script and sure enough, if I disable java script, Safari is able to navigate around Head-fi OK again, albeit with reduced functionality on the formatting side of things. Can a mod please look into this? Something about the java script changed and needs addressing ASAP, pretty-please! Thanks (Oh, and BTW, my java implementation is up to date - I updated it today and the problem remains)
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We're looking into it, guys. Sorry if you're having problems with Safari. I'll do more testing with Safari now.

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Thanks Jude. FWIW, I'm on a G4 PPC Mac, but, as I said, the Java is up to date, using Apple Software-Update, and I've never had any problem whatsoever until the past few days, and the issue definitely only seems to occur with Head-fi.org
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Same here. Head-fi on Safari has been crawling the last few days.


Switched to Google Chrome and it flies.

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Well, since nothing seems to have changed since this thread began, I've given up trying to access Head-fi with javascript enabled. This means that certain navigation features, and formatting features don't work (hence the lack of formatting in this post, even though I did actually type it into paragraphs etc.), but most of all, it means that no ads are served/displayed, which is a loss in revenue to the site, but that's not my fault. Clearly, there has been some change to the javascript of the site (upon which the site has already been excessively-dependent), relating to the way the ads are served. Kind of ironic that it is the revenue-making ads of the site that are rendering the site unusable, dontcha think? If that's not self-defeating, I don't know what is. Interestingly, even my Android phone has been having issues with the Head-fi javascript and now, without my intervention, seems to have disabled Head-fi ads from being displayed. This is weird, because I didn't manually alter the javascript on my phone at all. Before the ads had been disabled, I had noticed, on my phone, that Head-fi pages were behaving differently than they used to. It was as though a page would load, and then it would re-load, and re-load, and re-load, with the page-load progress bar reaching 100% multiple times, as each advert consecutively appeared on the screen. This was a P.I.T.A. because normally, I'll let the text load, then scroll down and choose a link from my subscriptions without waiting for the entire page to finish loading. However, with the recent changes to the site, the multiple consecutive re-loading of the site, to consecutively load and display each advert, was resulting in any attempt to scroll down the page being thwarted repeatedly, with each consecutive reload. Still, at least it was loading at all - my Mac, running Safari, just slows down to a C-R-A-W-L as it attempts to parse all that voluminous javascript, with the HDD going into overdrive and the entire system - everything, just ceasing to function because the HDD is totally, 110% maxed-out as the javascript is struggling to be parsed. Suffice to say, I'm now viewing Head-fi, on both my Mac and on my Android phone, with no ads being served in either case. Not my loss.. Jude, have you made any progress in troubleshooting this issue?
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I also notice that javascript problems on Head-fi are not a new problem, nor their disruption of iPad function etc.: http://www.head-fi.org/t/490651/site-harder-to-navigate-and-too-reliant-on-javascript Old (bad) habits die hard..??
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Just wanted to chime in - my Safari on my early 08 iMac is fine...i'm running OS X 10.7.3 and safari 5.1.5 if that helps any...being java related (and its a LONG shot), did you check for the flashback trojan on your mac yet?  Apple has a tool out to quick check/clean in case you are infected....i've heard of a few very legit mac sites being hammered with it.  Something about using an infected wordpress blog to pass it around....

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As of today, the Head-fi Javascript is at last behaving itself.


Hope I never have to put up with that hassle again - believe me, it brought my Mac to such a standstill that NOTHING would run - I literally couldn't even access the dock, let alone do anything within a program.


All's well that ends well...

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Until now... Head-fi's Javascript has just turned nasty again. Safari TOTALLY grinds to a halt. It was fine browsing Head-fi earlier, but now, just a few hours later, impossible to browse Head-fi with Javascript enabled in Safari. There's surely no need for this situation to keep arising..
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I've reported this to the tech team.  What version of Safari are you using?

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Originally Posted by joe View Post

I've reported this to the tech team.  What version of Safari are you using?


Safari snap.jpg

About this Mac 10-4-9.jpg

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The tech team is investigating, but they need more information to help reproduce the issues that you are seeing.  
To help them out with being able to accurately recreate the issue, they need the following details:
Reproducibility: How reproducible is this issue?
Steps to Reproduce: What steps should we take to see the problem occur?
Expected: What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?
Notes: Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue
Browser/OS: It's sometimes necessary to reproduce the same bug on different browsers and operating systems to help narrow down the nature of the problem. Whenever possible, please include this info in your bug report. 
URL: This will be the URL where the error appears, or the URL where the test steps begin. Descriptions like "when I clicked from this page to that page" are helpful, but it's always best to copy/paste the exact URL in question.
If you can, upload a screenshot of unexpected behavior. If you're describing a detailed problem, or if you're unsure how to describe a bug, use Jing to send us a screenshot or a video of what you see on your screen. (http://www.techsmith.com/jing/) -- Note: this is not available for mobile devices.


This information is invaluable for the tech team to reproduce the issue(s), and will help them re-create the issue and investigate the cause.

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