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ue18 problem help!

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hihi i recently bought a pair of ue18s (reshelled by UM, going to have to reshell again), they sound really good, wide soundstage and all. BUT when i play music some songs have like screeching/hissing/crackling noises in the background(esp slower songs).... moreover you can hear abit of background sibilance... is this due to amp hiss? or is there a problem with the ue18s themselves? (appears to be sibilant/screechy on the left, and when i tried switching sides the right side gets more screechy so i HOPE its not anyth to do with the drivers. tried another es2 cable of my friend's but there seems to be the same problem :/ ). i'm running them thru iphone -> TWspc LOD -> Govibe Vulcan+ ->es2 cable->ue18.

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Do they have the noise before re-shelling? 

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