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I have a pair of these I picked up from Dicksmiths for $8. They sounds ok, but pretty muffled compared to my V6s, but yeah, $8 vs $60. Build quality is crap. They used the cheapest plastic they could find and the fabric ear pads get dirty quickly, but they sound ok and have decent bass. I use my MDR-MA100s at work with my Aune T1 atm (I'll be taking the T1 home when I get my new tubes in the mail). The RRP in AUS for these is $50, which I wouldn't pay, but for $8 I think it's a good buy.

EDIT: oh yeah, although they look like crap and are built poorly, they're very comfortable for me. I can literally wear them for the entire work day (7-8hrs) and my ears don't feel hot or fatigued, not so with the pair of V55s I have at home, which make my ears very hot after a relatively short period of time.


Wow, $8? Was this a sale price or something?