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(Spoiler alert) Cant wait for New Dexter in September I cant believe Deb saw his other side 

Originally Posted by Evilcalyptic View Post

I would say my favorites are
Father Ted
Game of Thrones
Origional Stargate
and i recently started getting into Nikita, especially the second season lol.....
a major disapointment was the walking dead
but lets save this for the next thread LOL
Oh and "life on mars" both the UK and US one


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I can believe she wants him.... strange

shes would be a lot more sexy if she didnt cry about everything all the time.
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Am I the only one who cannot stand Deb?


I love the show, but she's just so god damn annoying. It's not just the character, I first saw that actress in "The Excorcism of Emily Rose" and I had to turn it off. Not sure what it is about her, but I get angry just looking at her for too long tongue.gif


But then again, I also disliked The Thing (and the awful prequel that just came out), so I might just be weird. While I found The Thing to be a great little horror flick, I just don't see why it gets so much attention even today.

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Originally Posted by Evilcalyptic View Post

I can believe she wants him.... strange
shes would be a lot more sexy if she didnt cry about everything all the time.

Yeah I pretty much wanted to kill her character ever since she was introduced posing as a hooker in the first season she is just the worst character always in the weirdest predicaments and her love life is too big of a part in the show, ie. Lundy and that musician Anton, her and LaGuerta just piss me off I actually liked Doax and kind of wished he wasn't killed off, I honestly dont like any of the women in this show from Rita to Lumen because like deb Julia Styles is just an actress I despise, Lila was pretty awesome and then turned just ******* bizzerk, also what are your opinions on Masuka's creepy assistant who bought the ice truck killers prosthetic hand I wonder how his role will grow in the sixth season? main killer? 

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yeah she would be a lot better without a brain..... but to be honest i cant stand that one fat hispanic police captain. Dexter is pretty good, but its very unrealistic in the manner that the same police would have to deal with that manny serial killers in under a decade. its nuts LOL

anyone know if the us cover of wilfred got renewed?
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so what do you guys think round 4.5 should win?

[Round 4.5] (for metal listeners ONLY) Prize=unknown
[Round 5] Prize=Whiplash TWag V.2 Eclipse
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There's really no need for these huge prizes buddy. Little contests are always fun, even if people can only win a set of 10$ earbuds redface.gif

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Looking forward to join your contest as I have missed a couple of them.smily_headphones1.gif

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haha its about what i have surplus of or have lying around lol
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You should rather sell me that TWag V2 Eclipse wink.gif

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i have a lot of TWags man, i mean a lot
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Looking forward to 4.5, whatever it is, it sure is fun

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