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Shure SRH1840? Who has it?

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Really interested in the SRH1840... Being a Canadian, it's hard finding a lot of info about these and I was wondering if anyone had the SRH1840. Also would be interested in some Senn HD700 info too! I know both models are very rare and non-existent. I just want general impressions and details about the sound please and thank you!
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I should have a set of 1840 sometime this week to review. I don't own them, just will be reviewing them. I will post initial impressions as well so will let you know when I have some information posted.
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I have been looking at them also so lets hope you get them soon:)

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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

I should have a set of 1840 sometime this week to review. I don't own them, just will be reviewing them. I will post initial impressions as well so will let you know when I have some information posted.

Please do tell me more once you get them. I only know so much about this mysterious headphone.
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Brilliant! I sort of predicted the 1840 to be something like that! I'm liking the sounds of it atm. I'm just worried about the treble because after seeing the Headroom graph, I was surprised by the looks of it. Very interested in the bass as well
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are you concerned the treble will be too bright? I can't say yet as I am still getting used to the headphone and I do think they need some time to burn in but curious what your concern is.

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I'm afraid so. I would hate it if it had overly bright treble. I was hoping the 1840 to have smooth treble and not piercing at all. The graph does show very smooth lines, which looks like good news, and the treble looks a little emphasized. I only know so much about the 1840s so I can't say much
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I 'had' it. I wouldn't describe the treble as bright- it's smooth and non fatiguing.  Bass goes deep (someone measured it to the mid-twenties) and has a textural quality to it that is alluring.  However, the bottom frequencies, while present, are not very emphasised, meaning these cans won't suit those who like a fuller bass.  FWIW, I auditioned them with a SS amp but I've noticed that two of the people who like the 1840 on the 1840 thread use a Peak/ Volcano tube amp....

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I just got a pair two days ago, I am not an experienced audiophile (recently got the virus) but I have always been a lover of good sound and I have owned mid-fi gear up to a few weeks ago.


After two days of intensive use, my first impressions are good, but those are the first open back headphones I have ever owned which means I don't have a basis for comparison (except for the Philips Fidelio X1 I got for a week before I returned them for the Shures). Just for the record I went for the X1 because it had low impedance (and my headphone amp equipment is not there yet) and high sensitivity, also reviews were rather good and I like a warm and sweet sound (got a pair of closed back Momentum, love them). In the end for me the X1 had too much of a V shaped signature for me, too dark sounding.


I hesitated a long time between HD650 and the SRH1840, and went for the later. The fit is just amazing it feels like you're not even wearing them unlike the X1, kudos to Shure. Soundwise, so far I am not disappointed, one question mark was the bass, the Shures were said to be below what the HD650 delivers, but I was weary about buying hard to drive headphones that would require me to spend even more cash on my newfound passion :P 


It's still early but I noticed no sibilance and I am sensitive to harsh trebles and I have not found any occurence of that with the SRH1840. As for the bass, I am quite satisfied there is enough of those for my taste (less than the Momentum but can't compare to a closed back, obviously the bass are way more subtle in terms of instrument separation, decay...). Anyway, it's not bass weak to my ears, it's up to toe tapping level :)


The sound is more balanced than the Phonak PFE 232 I own, the mediums are really nice, I welcome the different listening experience in that regard.


I am driving the SRH 1840 with the Sony NSW-F806, and I was suprised that my wolfson powered Galaxy S3 is able to drive them (though pushing it near the volume limit). 

I have not yet invested in a "proper" headphone amp (but I have purchased Audioquest Dragonfly to listen to music on my Mac). I must say although I love the Dragonfly, it makes the Shures sound too analytical to my ears (the Sabre ESS chip maybe...).


I have also tried the FiiO E6 with Galaxy S3 and I kind of like the warm sound that comes out of it (but nowhere near as detailed and punchy in the bass department as the Sony player).


My next purchase might be the Carot One Fabriziolo amp (http://www.head-fi.org/t/614862/carot-one-fabriziolo-small-tube-amp), a tube amp seems like a good idea to get a warmer sound from the Shures. Wonder if anyone has tried that combo or has a amp suggestion for the SRH1840 ?

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Despite the 1840 naysayers who have posted elsewhere on Head-Fi, I find the 1840 to be a very smooth and listenable headphone. It is well-balanced across the audio spectrum and has never exhibited any sibilance with any of my amps. I did re-terminate the cable with XLR connectors to a balanced configuration which I feel further enhances the accuracy of the imaging. (driven from the speaker terminals of my Temple Audio Bantam Gold Class D amp)

They also sound very good when driven by my Mapletree tube amp. Because of the comfort and well-balanced sound, I find that I can listen for long periods of time without fatigue.

I like the SRH1840 and find that it has been of late my most-often used circumaural phone.
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I entirely second that HiFlight.  I loved the Shures from the moment I got them. I only comment about phones I have owned and listened to.  I wrote in praise of them* because for what I enjoy about music they are the best.  I think their frequency response is just what I want.  I prefer the clear, hugely informative sound to the rich sound of the LCD2 for example. I think the FR shows this.   I would say that +/- 3dB from 30Hz -4500Hz is pretty good! 


They are also light and reasonably comfortable which is a plus.


I have, as it has turned out, sort of gone back to the old Linn philosophy of source and amp being more important than the "speakers".  The Shure headphones are the least expensive part of my system so I rate them as good value too.


My son was with us for a few days last week and he was well impressed having them on for hours listening to all sorts of music


In praise of the Shure SRH -1840. Best frequency response?


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I own them and also agree with HiFlight's comments. In my collection I prefer them to and have substituted them for the Sennheiser HD600 and AKG701. If I only had $350 to spend though, I would buy the HD600 instead.
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Wow bought a pair of these to go along with my 1540s (used" for 230.00 came brand new ! Love them!
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