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Rightio, so here is the latest on the ODAC offerings from Epiphany Acoustics. DAC related orders are not due to ship until the end of May/early June.


Stock will be limited to to ensure that you do not miss out, you can pay the pre order downpayment on the relevant pages linked to below.




Price: £186.99


The EHP-O2D incorporates both the EHP-O2 portable headphone amplifier and the E-DAC into one small desktop enclosure.


The headphone amplifier section has been designed from the ground up to offer some of the best, if not the best, specifications and hi-fi functionality on the market today. This has been accomplished by months of development using top of the range audio testing equipment to fine tune and carefully select the most optimum design, layout and components. The specifications achieved speak for themselves. It is powered by the included AC adaptor suitable for your region.


EHP-O2 Retrofit Service


If you already own an EHP-O2 amplifier, we can retrofit the E-DAC module to upgrade your amplifier to the EHP-O2D. The price for this service is £86.99. The DAC modules are currently on pre order, so to reserve your module please pay the pre order deposit below. Shipping costs are bourne by the customer.




Price: £99.99


The E-DAC is a stand alone USB digital-to-analogue converter which comes in a small form factor aluminium enclosure with custom front and rear panels. Input and power is supplied via the USB input on the rear of the unit. The line level analogue output is via a 3.5mm jack. The E-DAC will take your computer audio to the next level and when coupled with the EHP-O2 provides an audiophile experience far beyond their price level.


This high end DAC is based on the TE7022L UAC1 engine ES9023 24 bit DAC chip. It supports 16bit and 24bit at sample rates of 44.1kHz, 44kHz and 96kHz. The on-board filtered power supply ensures that noise is practically non-existent.


The initial stock of E-DAC modules will be limited so it is imperative that you place a pre order to guarantee your DAC in good time.




No word on the desktop version of the EHP-O2 I'm afraid.

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I'm mostly interested in an ODAC+ODA, ODAC+O2 isn't as interesting.

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Do you have any preview images of the ODAC enclosure?

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Waiting for preview of ODA enclosure (assuming it fits the ODAC inside also).
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I currently have an order for the EHP-O2, any chance of paying the extra for the ODAC to be fitted at the same time?

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Hey, I'm very interested in getting an amp and dac for my new Senn HD650's, how do you think the EHP-02 and the Edac would drive these?

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I use the EHP-O2 with Senn HD650s (as well as LCD-2s) and have to say I am very impressed with the set up. The DAC will take it to the next level.


Unfortunately there are no pics of the E-DAC enclosure as of yet but it will be very similar to the EHP-O2 enclosure (but smaller).

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I'd be very interested in an ODAC+O2 combo, although even more interested in an ODAC+ODA combination. Still, I'll probably be buying the ODAC+O2 combo.

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The ODA+ODAC is probably quite a few months from being in stock - the ODA has yet to be finished.

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From my understanding the ODAC+O2 combination will be available in the same O2 enclosure, is this true?

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That is correct, yes :)

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Ah well, yes, I'll be ordering one of those. :)

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Good choice! :D

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