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jaybird bluebud x. they might still have the 50$ promo going on, check slickdeals.net for the coupon or the other 5 posts or so that i had previously mentioned the actual coupon code itself.



The problem is the jaybird are bluetooth and i will be using my ipod shuffle which doesnt have bluetooth:(


are the bluebuds good?

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Hello HeadFi people!  I'm posting to this thread because I'm too much of a rookie to start my own, and this thread is the top hit on Google when you search for "workout earbuds".


Anyway, I’ve been creepin’ these forums for a couple of years now but haven’t contributed before.  I recently set out on a quest to find good burner in-ears for exercise.  A bit about me:  I’ve got 7 years of experience in live audio.  My main in-ears are Shure SE535, my cans are AKG Q701 and my player is a FIIO X3 (for better or for worse).


I wanted a good sounding pair that stayed in my ears, blocked out the gym music, and were dirt cheap.  (I don’t want to ruin my SE535)  I was rather discouraged by the reviews for a lot of the “sport” earbuds.  So I decided to buy 4 of the highest rated IEMs that Amazon sold under $30, especially if they were mentioned on headfi.  Below I share my findings:


Logitech Ultimate Ears UE200 ($14.69): Very comfortable fit that stays in place.  Sounded nice overall with a decent balance.  High frequencies are a bit harsh.  Low end is balanced.  I can add more and push the FIIO X3’s bass boost to 10 without distortion.  Good sound isolation.  Wire is moderately sized.  Comes with a little carrying pouch.  Default earplug fit me out of the box.  Comes with various other sizes of the same style.


Panasonic RPHJE120K ($8.79): First impression was that the wire was very flimsy.  I could probably cut the wire with my fingernails (yeah, they’re a little long right now.)  The low end is just silly, and not in a good way.  With a flat EQ on the player, they sound like the bass is up to 10… but in the way an $8 pair of headphones handle 10.  The mids and highs sound fine.  Lowering the bass on the X3 takes away too much of the lower-mids.  Earplugs are comfy and isolate.  Had to change out to the bigger size to fit my ears.


JVC Riptidz HAFX8W ($7.99):  Another flimsy wire, but not as bad as the Panasonics.  The EQ balance was very noticeably off with these.  Lots of mid-highs combined with a bit too much extreme high-end, which results in hissing and tininess. (is that a word?)  The warm middle and low end is non-existent.  The earplugs were okay but not quite as comfortable or as isolating as the others.


Symphonized NRG Premium ($25.00): Lots of TLC put into making these and it shows.  Cloth cable, nice packaging, carrying pouch, sturdy build.  I’m not sure why they felt the need to make the earbuds wood??  The sound is very nice.  A little low-end heavy at a flat EQ, but they are clearly going for a warm sound with these.  Despite the extra lows, the overall sound is still fairly clean (for $25)  The isolation is good, earplugs were comfy.  However, I felt like the medium fit was a bit too small, but the large felt like they would definitely fall out when exercising.  We’ll see.  The cable is also rather noisy when touching it.  This could be a problem when running.  Oh, and they make a loud clicking noise when you push them in your ears.  Probably the diaphragm flexing from the sudden pressure change?




Another forum user went through a similar study and settled on a pair of the UE200.  I agree.  While the Symphonized NRG Premium IEMs sounded the best and the cord was cloth, they don’t feel secure in my ears.  The cord was noisy and the earbud itself has a large grill that sweat will inevitably get into.


I hope this helps!  And thanks to headfi for being a great audiophile community.

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Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 will be a great workout IEM imho. Sounds pretty good with boosted bass, but not bloated which is good for those EDM songs for workout.

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