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For Sale:
FS: Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 ECC88 1960 Large O Getter preamp tubes

Will Ship To: CONUS


Up for sale is a matched pair of Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 ECC88 preamp tubes from 1960 with Large O Getter!


All tubes tested at NOS level when I purchased them last month. Their emissions measured at 120, 120 & 120, 120 on a calibrated B&K 707 tube tester. The date codes are also matching (Delta OC).


This set was pulled from a precision test instrument that had been sitting idle since 1960 so they are in excellent condition.

I put on no more than 2 hours total on this set. They sound very sweet and silky smooth in my audio chain (macbook air > bifrost > lyr > he-500/he-6).


I will cover standard shipping and paypal fees.