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Bought Sony CD3000 @ MillionBuy & I wonder...

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I received Sony MDR-CD3000 from MillionBuy.com yesterday. The price was $379.95 which was the lowest I'd seen anywhere. They called to verify the credit card and I asked about them being 'new' just to be sure. I was told absolutely.

OK. Here's how it arrived. There was a large plain brown shipping box. Inside was the surprisingly large suitcase type thing it comes in. There was no outer box of any kind. Nothing with a Sony logo or a bar code or picture of anything.

Inside were the phones. No extra packing at all. The phone jack was already screwed on and the only other thing in there was a clear plastic tube that might have covered one of the jacks but it was split down the middle and just lying by itself not covering anything.

There was a plastic pouch with two things in it. A wrinkled 'Limited Warranty" and a fold over spec sheet in 6 languages - both dated 1991.

That's it. I would love it if someone who has purchased these phones someplace else could describe the way they were packaged. I'm very curious.
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If it's the nice foam box that the headphone comes in then you are fine. If you are not certain, go down to a HiFi shop and ask to see one in person for a comparison.
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I purchased mine from Million Buy also several months ago. It was double boxed with brown outer box inside was another brown cardboard box that had Sony MDR CD3000 printed on all sides and it is only slightly bigger than black headphone suitcase which was in a heavy clear plastic bag/pouch.

If they work fine too much hassle to return for brand new set, but it is worth calling to ask for additional price reduction for demo pair of headphones which yours appear to be.
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Thanks DarkAngel. I was wondering more if there was anything else inside. Any more info or a cloth. I was even wondering if there was any kind of inner packing as this was so bare looking for something new. And what was the plastic tube around. And was it split apart halfway originally?

I think you are right about it being a demo. I wonder if that is really worth asking for money back. The headphones do work.
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There really is no other packaging/accessories, the black suitecase is the packaging, there is one page waranty info and two page folded owner instructions that doesn't really say anything...... I don't have/remember any plastic tube.

The only thing you will gain if you return is another brown cardboard box with Sony CD3000 printed on it, which may be useful if you resell but has no functional purpose. If they work fine I would ask for demo discount or say you will return......I bet they will give some further discount.
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thanks, Angel.
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