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I also would like clarification if the m4u 1 does indeed sound better than the m4u 2. There is a cnet review that suggests that it does as well as I saw a post somewhere on the forum that Tyll from Innerfidelity also suggested the m4u 1 sounds better. I found a deal where I can get the m4u 2 for the same price as the 1. Not sure which one to go for if I decide to make the purchase
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I havent heard the M4U1 but i do own the M4U2 and love them. Really good sound in many ways. If the clamping force wasnt so strong id call them the perfect cans. I often wear a hooded sweatshirt though when wraring them which helps alleviate the clamping pressure.

But I would think the comparison made between the 1 and the 2 involved the 2 being in passive mode when being compared to the 1. Did mention if if the M4U2 was in passive mode during the comparison?

But the M4U2 has the integrated amp and i doubt the M4U1 can beat the M4U2's amp mode. Amp mode makes the great PSB sound come across just a bit better.

If you're being offered the 1 and the 2 at the same price you may want to audition the M4U2 in amp mode against the M4U1, which, can only play in passive mode.
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The comparisons between the M4U 1 & 2 were done in passive mode according to the cnet review on the 1. They said the differences were rather small though indicating more or less that the 2 sounded a bit "further away" than the 1.

ATM all the headphones I'm considering I have no way of auditioning before buying. I live quite far from any major city that would carry more specialized audiophile type equipment. I have to make the best educated guess on this one unfortunately.

Also can anyone confirm or deny that this would be a good can for mixing in a home studio? Do they do any masking of certain aspects of the souce material? How revealing are they? How do they respond to Eq and dynamics changes?
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I have the PSB M4U 2, and I've spoken with the technical support staff at PSB, and they claim that the passive mode of the M4U 2 is identical in sound to the M4U 1, for what it's worth. Also The Wirecutter, which rated the PSB M4U 1 as the best headphone for $300, doesn't claim it sounds better than the M4U 2, and Lauren Dragan, the lead reviewer mentions that her "reference headphones" are the PSB M4U 2.


"If you often find yourself on planes, trains, and in the back of automobiles, you might consider paying an extra $100 for the noise-canceling M4U 2s, which are the same headphone with a built-in noise-canceling circuit that’s quite effective. These are my personal reference headphones (and the step up in our guide to the best noise-canceling over-ear headphones)."




Personally, I'm not an audiophile, and have never heard the PSB M4U 1s, but I enjoy the sound a great deal with my M4U 2s.

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