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Did anybody else notice a distorted sound in the active mode for some frequencys?

Please listen to the first 20 seconds of the song "Home" from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
I am not sure if just my internal amp is malfunctioning or if it's a general problem.
I tried it on my iphone and my iPad and on both devices I get a distorted sound in active mode. The passive mode is perfectly fine though.
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The PSB may be better than the cans I have now (the ATH WS99 and MDR 1R) but it won't be mind blowing or anything close to that, so I must love the  aesthetics.

If you have the Sony's and are build/asthetic conscious, then I would stick with the Sony's. I have both and the Sony's get more head time in general due to the weight. I really love the sound as well. I still use my PSB's a lot though but would I go out and buy the PSB's if I had the Sony's and was cautious about asthetics/build quality? No I probably wouldn't. I would go for the 598's you like or even a used set of 600's IMO

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I'm disappointed to discover that replacing the cable only works in passive mode (this has been mentioned in this thread somewhere before). So if you want Active or NC you need either of the special cables supplied by PSB, ok but what if my cable breaks? You can't buy them on ebay and they aren't on the PSB website either. I guess i'd have to ask the company. Hopefully my cables will still work 5 years from now, but it does make me conscience of looking after them, knowing I possibly might not be able to get replacements.
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this was an IE8 fail - mods please delete this post.

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Originally Posted by yomomma1 View Post


You can't see them when they are on your head. If you want the best headphone in it's category regardless of price, then it has to be the PSB. Just look at what each of them have won in way of awards and recognition, reviews. That alone should answer your question. I like my Sony's for travel due to the weight but the PSB's are the best closed headphone I have listened to for a long time. I think you just need time to audition them if pos?


I'd have to agree 100% with this comment. On my way back from lunch today, I was listening to some dancehall for the first time in a long time and this song came on in the mix (Megahertz Mix Show (megahertzmusic.com) if you're interested) that had different instruments in the left and right channels and a very wide sound stage as a result.

The PSB's performed extremely well for a closed back headphone and i was very surprised as I walked down the street at the soundstage i'd just heard in the track.

Prior to this week, i spent about 2 weeks with my Audio Technica ATH-A500X wearing to and from work everyday, and I have been surprised to find the comfort of the PSB M4U2s to be just as comfortable, to actually be superior.

I've had my PSBs since late last year, but only just recently found the box containing the straight (no microphone) cable. HInt to android users: do not use the iphone cable - it's really annoying and the microphone isn't that great for calls anyway - every caller complained about not being able to hear me properly and I often had to repeat myself. Plus if you tap the button accidentally (i've done this many times while holding a soft drink or umbrella against my chest when paying for things) it will call people. The iphone cable also liked to randomly start playing some music at inappropriate times (like when my headphones are laying on a table at a meeting) and i quickly have to fumble to find the cable to stop it.

Now that i've got the straight cable back in, life is much better :D I'm really enjoying these headphones much more without that bloody microphone getting in the way of everything!

Where the PSBs fall short slightly is falling asleep on the bus. Almost everytime i dozed off this mornng the lound CLUNK of the side of the PSB hitting the bus window woke me up. :(

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They measured quite good for the closed noise-canceling cans.
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After heaving my M4U 2's about a few weeks the only thing I can complain about is:

I really can't fall asleep ... as they sound sooo good!

Have you ever tried to sleep while rocking with every song? ;-)

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So after seeing Rob (Skylab) and Dave (Beagle) both comment on these headphones...I picked up a pair. My story is a convoluted one with regards to finding a pair of portable headphones.


My Bose QC15s were very comfy and isolated very, very well, but the SQ left me wanting...well, more. In came a pair of beyerdynamic DT1350s. Great portable cans that were torture devices for someone who wears glasses. Isolation as adequate and sound quality was very good (though closed in)....sold them off after a few months.


So I picked up a pair of UE9000s. The comfort was a major step back, I found the headband way too under-padded and painful after a few hours. I also found them a bit too dark and with the carrying case way too big and cumbersome for travel. So out they went.


Next up with the Sennheiser Momentums, these I really liked, very nice clean sound (though a bit on the dark side of things), but after a few hours the small earpads became an issue and like the DT1350s became painful with glasses over time. As well, the carrying case for them was HUGE and not very practical for travel...out they went.


In came the Sony MDR-1Rs. Very comfortable headphones. On par in that regard with the QC15s. Noise isolation was adequate, but not ideal for flights, I'd have to crank up the sound to hear the music. As well, the carrying bag isn't the safest protection for them as you're travelling. Then the infamous "click" on the earcup. A known issue with a poor design by Sony. So back to the Sony Store they go.


So today I picked up a pair of the M4U 2s, and so far I'm impressed. They're not small and light, but still comfortable on the head. They are reminiscent of the UE9000s, BUT this time, the padding on the headband is very well done and after some time with them, I don't have the same discomfort. Sound quality is similar to the UE9000s, though less dark with some more upper mids and treble (and still not bright in anyway). 


Noise cancelling is actually very impressive. It isn't up to par with the QC15s (but nothing is), but it smokes the UE9000's poor excuse for a noise cancellation circuit. Imaging is very good and on par with the MDR-1Rs, that is also to say, pretty darn good.


More to come...

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Sorry Peter, I just replied...didn't see your PM until just now. Hope you like the PSB's.

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That's cool you're liking them, Peter. I continue to be impressed with them. Not sure what I would have done without them on my last few international business trips!
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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

Sorry Peter, I just replied...didn't see your PM until just now. Hope you like the PSB's.

No worries Dave. I actually went back and scoured your previous posts. After reading them, I jumped.


Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

That's cool you're liking them, Peter. I continue to be impressed with them. Not sure what I would have done without them on my last few international business trips!


They're great. Wish I had them for my last flight. I'm impressed with the NC capabilities. Most NC headphones barely cancel anything...the QC15s are still king here, but these are a pretty close #2. And unlike the QC15s, they actually sound pretty darn good too!

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Just heard a pair of these and they sounded very good. Sounded like a slightly warmer kef m500 with more bass sometimes and a larger soundstage. All genres I threw at it sounded great. Kef m500 sounds a little more natural but the psb wins in isolation, comfort, and sound stage.
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Looking for a closed can for once since I already have the lcd2.2, hifiman he-500, audio technica ad1000x, and the good old senn hd580.  Any one compared these M4U and Denon's AT-D600's?


I bascially looking for the similar sound signature as the lcd's especially with more bass impact, any recommendation is appreciated.

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The d600 is good but i prefer the m4u.  M4u seems to be better balanced.

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Thanks, Trunks159 for your comment.  Just out of curiousity, how is the bass impact, sub bass compared to the D600?  I have read good reviews for both cans but I am trying to find a closed can that has that full midrange and enough sub to mid bass to satisfy different genre of music.  Not too crazy about the high end since even with my resolving HE-500, it can be fatiguing in the long run as oppose to my 2.2's which is what I am after in a closed version without spending too much.  The HD800 is way too bright for my ears!

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