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For Sale: Audez'e LCD-2.1 (with extras)

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For Sale:
Audez'e LCD-2.1 (with extras)

Will Ship To: North America

I didn't think I would ever sell these as much as I enjoy the sound, but unfortunately they are not getting any head time as I have switched to custom IEM's mostly.


These are are in my opinion the best "first version" you can get. The wood is the best color they have ever been with no cracks. The yoke blocks are the square plastic version with no cracks. The grill is the A shape.


This set comes with some extras - I am including the following:


Version 2 - leather ear pads (currently installed) and Version 1 - ear pads.

Version 2 - 1/4" cable and Version 1 - 1/4" cable


The case is also the wood case that I don't think they are offering anymore.


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What is the difference between teh 1/4 cable and version 1 cable?

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would you consider trading for a new pair of JH16s (factory replacement)?


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It's hard not to be drawn to customs with their portability and form factor, this I know. Tried telling you for years about them.

Free bump to a great sector cans and awesome HF'r.
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