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For Sale: Headstage Arrow Amp 4G (New)

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For Sale:
Headstage Arrow Amp 4G (New)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This 4G Arrow amp is absolutely new and just unsealed to check it's function and it has got more stable jacks than normal, because the 3G model had a broken junction to the circuit board. So Robert sent me this 4G brand new model with more stable jacks. It comes with following accessories: screw driver and USB cable.

I'm selling it because I usually use my desktop gear.
It still has got warranty till April 2013.


Shipping would occur directly after purchase, so you don't have to wait as long as you probably would because of long wait.

The 4G Arrow has got a treble boost instead of the impedance switch, which has nearly the same purpose: control of the treble. It gives each audio enthusiast the possibility to fully adjust the sound, which I think is pretty cool. Of cause you can also just leave the switches at neutral if you like. I, as I also used the 3G model for almost a year, can verify that the bass boost is still as pleasant as it was with the 3G.

(More explanation below)


Because I haven't got Trader feedback on Head-Fi yet, I'll try my best to ensure safety. I only accept Pay pal. It's possible to get in touch with me via skype or to snail mail me. You could also call me and of cause you can ask me for any other verification.


Price for this new Amp is $280.00 USD or best offer, free shipping in Germany! Shipping will have tracking! I'll try my best to keep shipping costs fair. (Hard to make a fix price, it really depends on your location)


I'm also selling my LOD, which you could buy optional, just send me a price proposal. It's made out of thin silver wires, covered in silicone for the most possible flexibility, I bought this one from compicatx, a well known ebayer. And also optional an iPod Touch Case, which I would add as a gift. The amp + LOD + Case is a really nice portable stack, as you can see in one of the pictures (fits into your trouser pocket, photo with 3G model). Price for the LOD would be up for negotiation.




Some Explanation about the changes of the models:


Change Log

Arrow 1G

Since mid February 2010: Improved sensitivity of automatic

switch (will not turn off accidentally)

Since April 2010: Nuts are directly soldered on the circuit board

(will not get loose)

Arrow G2.0

Second headphone jack

No real power switch

Deeper bass boost 9dB + 9dB

Longer battery run time (up to 50 hours)

Film input caps

Lower ESR power rail caps and decoupling caps

Rear switches are more recessed (less sticking out)

Better firmware (faster power shifting, more precise battery

voltage detection etc.)

Arrow G2.1

New pre-amp (less switch-on click noise)

Arrow G2.2

Change of output resistors from 10/75/120 to 0/65/110 (better

synergy with some IEMs like Triple.Fi 10 which sound weird with

any output resistor)

Arrow G3.0

Change of output resistors to 0/20/65 (better control of treble)

Additional ceramic capacitors to lower impedance of tantalum

caps (virtual better treble but barely noticeable)

Arrow G4

Replaced output resistors with an optional treble boost

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PM sent.

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PM sent.

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