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I do not like that FR chart, wish I didn't see it. 

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"The curve of the headphone's ear tube uses a Golden Ratio curve that mimics the curve of the cochlea."

This is well known technology. The Navy Seals have been secretly bending their rifle barrels into this shape for decades. It makes them completely silent (because the sound waves are emitted in a spiral thus never touching the inner ear membranes) and shots hit their mark with stunning accurancy.
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Steve Guttenberg recently reviewed the EM5813 Ear Speakers. He says nice things about them, including that they flatter every genre of music. 


Well worth reading:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-57590458-47/with-the-cardas-em5813-in-ear-headphones-just-got-a-lot-better/

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SG wrote a positive review? Well spank me crosseyed! rolleyes.gif
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I know, right?  beyersmile.png


Given the FR curves, you might just think a review would simply say, "these are very warm earphones."  And they do go big with the bass, but he likes it that way... because of the way it is implemented.  So obviously not a "neutral" implementation.  Further these come with two set of tips, one of which (the blue ones) serves to reduce the bass -- but he sticks with the bass-heavy white tips.


What I enjoyed most is his comparison between these and the $1,099 Jerry Harvey JH13's. The JH13s give reference-level accuracy.... but it does seem he's fallen in love with the Cardas.  


Interesting.  In any event, his description certainly keeps them on my interest list.  


I do wonder if we could get these Oregonians up to a Seattle headphone meet sometime.  That would be grand.  

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Well first of all I want to thank you all for your patience.


The Cardas Audio EM5813 Model 1 Ear Speakers have been released and are shipping to Fine Cardas Audio Dealers everywhere this week. We are very pleased with the results and we are not alone. Steve G reviewed them for CNET this weekend. 


Headfi Image.jpg 61k .jpg file




Below is the Press release that went out today:


Ear Speakers from Cardas Audio Now Available


Bandon, OR—June 24, 2013—After four years of research and development encompassing every part of the human hearing system, high-end cable manufacturer Cardas Audio has introduced an In-Ear Monitor (IEM) experience like no other that delivers transfixing musicality. After all, seeking to help talented musicians bring their art to the world accurately has been the driving force in Georges’ life, and the reason Cardas Audio was  founded over 25 years ago. The EM5813 Ear Speakers are available now worldwide.


The human hearing system, musical chords, and the Cardas Audio EM5813 Ear Speakers are reflections of the Golden Ratio - closely related to the Fibonacci Sequence - George Cardas has based his cable and microphone designs on this age old mathematical sequence that naturally occurrs in nature, architecture, and art. 


The EM5813 Ear Speakers mirror the human cochlea, and tympanic membrane, and the shape of the elegant copper plated brass body has been designed to work in symphony with the human hearing system.  All the parts that make up the custom designed drivers are machined from proprietary solid bar stock metals in California.  And all drivers are hand matched on each pair of Ear Speakers.


The Ear Speaker cable is made from Clear Light Headphone Cable, which is a miniature version of the Cardas Audio Clear cable, also made in California, using proprietary Cardas copper.  A custom designed ultra-thin ear tip that ensures a precise and comfortable fit has been created by company founder George Cardas.


To view an animation detailing the design of the EM5813 Ear Speakers, please visit:



Availability:  Now shipping


Suggested Retail Price:  USD $425.00/each


About Cardas Audio

Since 1987, Cardas Audio has been manufacturing premium audio cables and component parts using ultra-pure materials, innovative Golden Ratio resonance control techniques and uniquely insightful solutions to transmission line problems.  The legendary connections and craftsmanship at Cardas reflect George’s pursuit of perfection to this day.

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Woot finally...can't wait to hear these babies
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They are being sold at Music Direct for 400+ hope to read some user reviews soon.

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TTVJ has them as well, ordered mine yesterdaypopcorn.gif

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They came in today. The box has been pictured; it's very nice and understated, like the leather carry bag that comes with them. I agree that the provided eartips leave a lot to be desired. There are two identical pairs of double flanged silicone tips, in clear and sky blue. I don't think it one size fits all as much as Cardas is deciding that their customers know what kind of tip works for them and they can't possibly accommodate everybody so screw it we don't play that game. Or something along those lines.


The cable is quite luxurious, but more than a bit unwieldy and surprisingly, really microphonic. If you've handled a Denon D2/5/7000 cable it's very similar in its unwieldiness.


The IEMs themselves are very shiny and have some real heft to them, like fine jewelry. But once in the ears they don't feel heavy, just in the hands.


As far as the sound goes, it was promising but quite dry and underwhelming with the provided eartips. So I dragged out my big box of tips, along with the unopened Monster sampler, and did the same thing that I usually do: pilfer a pair of Sony Hybrids from my backup CK10s and bam!.. done; the box and the sampler will now go back to wherever they came from. The dryness is definitely gone, and the mids have filled out nicely but I will reserve further judgement until I become more accustomed to them.


I will say that they have exceptional ambiance, or soundstage, and that even though I'm not a big burn in guy the provided instructions have some pretty explicit burn in instructions so I will probably give their recommended procedure a shot.


I'm listening to the Ear Speakers out of a PHA-1 with an iPod Classic and a Silver Dragon USB LOD, standard ALAC rips.

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thanks for the update please keep us posted. How is the bass so far?

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The bass is definitely there. It's very present and extended and well-textured/detailed, but not as punchy as my FX700. Much smoother I would say, quite different.


edit: They sound pretty good straight out of my Nano as well, but they seriously ramp up with the Sony.

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I will say this, they're really starting to open (me) up.


They're like a can opener for the mind cool.gif

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How would you describe the soundstage, detail, suitability for all genera of music?

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Placed my order, I guess I can only find out for myself :D

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