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Where would I source these Sony hybrid?


BTW.  Snow Day today and I have spent quite a bit of time with them.  I have had them on the Audio Sissler app when I am not listening to them. Changes have been very slight but I can tell they are opening up.  I experimented with the tips today.  the White ones sound good but kind of sterile.  Highs were not too high lows were not too low.  I did not care for that sound.  The monsters sounded that way to me before I burned them in.  The blue tips sounded better but I found them to be uncomfortable.  The Comply tips are by far my favorites.  I will look into the Sony's

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Mine on only has 125hrs on them and does sound very nice 😎
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How are the Sony ear gels better than Comply's?  They look like monster ear gels.

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More comfortable the the monster gel and seals very great😎
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just curious,


the only change since the initial release of these is they now include the foam tips, right?  no revisions to speak of with regard to the actual driver or anything like that?


i ask because i just received a pair and they really do seem a little bass heavy, even with the blue tips.  i've read that burn-in really changes them, and i even downloaded the cardas iphone degaussing app, but i can't help but wonder if these are just bass heavy, or at least seem that way to me.  seems like the bass sometimes takes away from the air between the instruments.  



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They are bassy earphones, no going around it. The bass will gradually tighten up through the process of listening and burning in. I have around 500 hours on mine and still find it bassy but the midrange and treble doesn't lose out to the bass.
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Not bassy at all just so natural😎
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Not bassy at all just so natural😎



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Yuuuuup ...very natural indeed my friend, and I have a perfect seal..they do sound different with different sources 😎
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There is only one version of these as far as I know.

Bass will improve significantly. The congestion you hear will go away. I found them unlistenable in the beginning. Connect them together as shown in the instructions and play radio static through them. Just leave them for 200 hrs then listen.

I'm not sure why these require such extensive break in but they do. The difference is dramatic.

I found the bass overwhelming when new. Now after many hours the bass is right and balanced. If anything I would not describe these as bass heavy but a bit laid back in the treble, warm.
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I rode them Out the hard way honesty enjoyed the whole trip they slowly warmed up to me like listening to one of the masters playing a magnificent masterpiece it took time for them to settle in but the time was enjoyable not like hearing a pop song with catchy riffs then soon growing tired of it now I'm not certain that it is necessary to chase the next hyped iem at least not immediately and for me that is a welcome feeling and one I'll just kick back and enjoy ! Still not thrilled with the fit and cable because of them these aren't very portable but they sure sound great !
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thinking about giving these a 2nd chance.  anyone have any insight in senn ie800 vs 1p2 vs these?

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I love the natural sound these produces😎💕😲...i have 225hrs of burn in and the did improved and now I put them back to burn in for another 100hrs or so 😎
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I really don't know why these don't get more attention on Head-Fi. IMO, they are one of the best in-ears that I have owned. I first didn't feel that way, but as I now have probably 400 hours on them so far, my impressions have changed greatly. They do truly take a couple of hundred hours to reach their potential.

I wear mine over-ear using the large Sony hybrid tips. Both the comfort and seal are excellent. The expansive and natural soundstage must be heard to be appreciated. The synergy between the Cardas and Tera-Player is exceptional and they seem to be made for each other. I can literally wear them all day without fatigue.
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When I briefly had them before it had to do with the heavy fit that seems to be amplified by the fact that they stick out some + that crazy cable.  I am intrested in trying again though.  

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