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Cardas Ear Speakers delayed but worth the wait! - Page 3

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And the wait.............

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it will be bundled with jps labs abyss

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I really hope there is going to be a generous introductory price for us who have waited this long. 

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Anxiously awaiting the release!

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something interesting i saw while looking into some cables and saw the the Cardas Clarifier app ( not for me I don't use phones )

Yes it relates to these IEMs.




OK here is an interesting disclaimer -- the real problem here is in the design of the drivers themselves.  Like in conductors/cables fixing the geometry itself is the real step forward not band-aids like this -this app is a partial and temporary solution that has to be repeated from time to time.  -one of my current projects is the design and production of a driver design that has no saturable  material in the magnetic circuit.. preliminary results are very interesting.    It's why you are all waiting for my IEM's  ;)   LOL 

Peace and Harmony



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Originally Posted by Andy Regan View Post

Hello All,


We are running a few weeks late but we will have stock by mid may. I will be releasing details in the next few days. Hang in there with me I believe you will all be very pleased


Soooo... yeah.  What's going on, Andy?

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Originally Posted by FlySweep View Post  Soooo... yeah.  What's going on, Andy?

This is the only response I got from him this week:


We are on schedule and will be announcing the release very shortly. Keep a eye out this coming week. Is all I can say at the moment.
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Wow. I remember these things. Truly the Chinese Democracy of phones
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dIDN'T know bout these...thanks flysweep for making mention.  Can't afford them right now but where there's a will.  Okay RE 400's till I can do these.  I know bout Cardas Products and connectors...sold lots of their stuff when I was working at a retail High End store. Somethin bout that Golden Ratio, Fibonaci sequence that makes magic happen.


I will bet serious money these will be awesome.   Starting my  piggybank today!


Happy Listening!

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There are many competition for Cardas, delaying it this long will be costly for them. There as just so many new, exciting and better value IEM in the market and are due to release within this year I wish them best of lucks.

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^ Since no one has heard the final version of these yet, I'm not sure where the assertion of better value comes from. There will be cheaper IEMs.

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I do hope i am wrong on what I have said, the reason why I said what I said is the two year delay have made me think that the delay means that the final product will be nothing short of perfect. It is either they are really delaying it for tuning purposes or it is due to some other known factor.


All and all the expectation is high simply because of who is making them and more importantly based on what Mr Cardas has said about in regards the design of other IEM.

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A 2 year delay comes from a complete redo after not wanting to introduce an earlier prototype. I can respect that. Some of the claims and ear drive stuff is pseudo science but proof will be in an audition and if he meets his price points with great overall performance, who cares about the marketing.bigsmile_face.gif

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The little I've been able to find on these doesn't provide much real information.  What type of drivers will they use? 

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Dynamic drivers

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