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Hey all,


I've been considering getting a hippo gumstick from Jaben for a while now, as a step up to a decent DAP.


However the gumstick as well as the hippo VB bundle have been out of stock on jaben's site for a while (I think it must be about two months now since I've been checking every few days :P ) on Jaben. My options sum up as:

  • Wait until they actually come up as on stock on the jaben site. The question is if they are punctual with updating their online information. After what I've read, their email response would probably suggest they're not, so I'd have to wait a lllooonnnggg time for them to change it on their site.
  • Order anyways and hope they are in stock. Then I have no way of knowing what's going on, and depending on the mode of payment that's a ~130 bucks that just disappear until I maybe get a gumstick.
  • Email them to find out if they have an ETA or some other information as to availability. Well, it's been said that response times are pretty bad, so yeah...


What are your opinions on the matter?

I know some of the people on this board have ordered from them and were pretty happy with the service, I'd like to hear what they have to say. However I didn't read anything about out of stock issues or similar problems.


Thanks for any and all responses/opinions etc. ,



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