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For Sale: Grado SR-225 Drivers

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For Sale:
Grado SR-225 Drivers

Will Ship To: Continental US

After modding my Grado SR-225's for some time, I've finally decided to move on to the Magnum v4's. As a result, I have a pair of fully functioning (if a bit rough looking) Sr-225 drivers, housing, and cable I can part with.


Everything you see here is what you get. I removed the mesh from the plastic cups in order to put them in my new wood cups. In each driver I've punched 4 holes in the felt in order to increase bass response. However, I found that the bass would on occasion lose control and definition. Thus, I applied blu-tak to the back of the drivers.


The sound on these is more bassy in comparison to stock, but the "Grado-ness" is most definitely still there. Once again, both drivers function perfectly and all the mods can be reversed with some elbow grease if you so desire. All they need is a headband to call home.


Upon request, I can include some of the random other parts that I still own including the two Sr-225 buttons, the vinyl from the headband (not the metal, rodblocks or gimbals, just the vinyl), and a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter for free.


Paypal fees and USPS priority mail shipping are included in price.


Thanks for looking!  smily_headphones1.gif


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hey not sure if these are still available but ygpm:)

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mine now


looks like my grado project can start now:)


very best

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