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Affordable Automatic Watch suggestions

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Hey guys,


I remember that 5 years ago the two automatic watches everybody recommended were the Seiko Black Monster and the Invicta 8926 (which I actually owned at one point). These were like considered the Grado SR-60s of automatic watches on the interwebs.


Anything changed? I ask because my Victornox quartz finally died so I'm looking for a new watch, but preferably automatic. 



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I've gotta say that Seiko is a great choice for an auto if you don't mind having the "low end" connotation. I personally own only Seiko watches because I like the ubiquity of the parts and repair services along with the availability of high end pieces.


Victorinox is also really good in my opinion, you've had one so you know about their build quality.


When it really comes down to it, it depends on the style of watches you like. I would recommend some micro brands but they have very different styles so it's hard to recommend one.

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Anyone heard of Orient? That's another brand - that I hadn't heard of - that keeps on popping up. 

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Yes.  I've owned the Orient blue Mako.  I recall I paid around $100 for it. Good watch with nice weight to it and kept good time, but needs to be worn daily; otherwise, you'll be setting the time the next day.  Other than that, the watch is a good value.


If you got the cash, the Omega Seamaster is a fine choice.

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Ya, I'm thinking of springing for the Orient Blue Mako. I ordinarily don't go for blue, but I've heard the Mako blue is quite special and classy. 

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Indeed it does.  From a short distance, it looks much more expensive than it really is.  The Blue Mako was the watch that I wore for nearly two years until I saved enough for the blue faced, Seamaster.  Even when placed side by side, without too much close inspection, the Mako could easily pass for a $500+ watch.  I forgot the movement in the Mako as I sold a few years back, but it's a durable one.

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Orient is owned by Seiko and the 469 movement thats put in to the makos is a solid workhorse with 40 years on it, you can get them for 100-150 bucks and its watch that provides great value.


But if you want something discrete, nice and provides great value,



The new Seiko 4R3X movements which is the economy version of the 6R15. the mainsping and adjustment is from the older 7S series movement making it a bit harder to adjust and reducing the power reserve from 55h to 45h.

It has both hacking and handwinding which the mako hacks. hacking means you can stop the seconds hand while adjusting the time to put it accurate to the second, and handwind means you can charge it by turning the crown aswell as moving the automatic rotor weight. both abilities the mako lacks.


If you want to spend the extra cash and want a simpler looking watch but that has more class (in my opinion).


That seiko 5 can be worn with a suit. the mako cant.



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How's the Seiko Orange Monster's durability and reliability compare to the Orient Mako?

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no help here, but wow. kind of bold :) 


how do you dress to match?

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The Seiko Monster has the better quality band, but lacks some of the weight of the Mako.  The last metal piece of the band on the Mako that clamps over the band pin feels rather cheap.  If you have a skinnier wrist, the Mako will match better over the Monster.  None of my Orient and Seiko watches has ever failed me or fell apart, but if I had to choose, the Seiko's in general has a better balance of overall quality.

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Seiko 5


Great value, reliable (reasonably accurate) movements, well built, and a wide variety of styles. 

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