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Help Picking Classical Music Nirvana

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Hi folks,


I've read lots of threads about great headphone and amp combinations for classical music and yet I'm still undecided about what to do.


What I've heard and really like is the AKG Q701 and the HD 800 ... Big price difference I know. I've also heard that combo out of a Bellari HA540 tube amp and, again, I really liked the sound.


So this got me thinking about combinations and tube amplification which, naturally, led me to Woo, Schiit, and other OTL things. But it's so confusing so I need some advice please!


The genre of music I listen to mostly is small chamber and solo piano modern classical music. My budget is maximum $2K and I would prefer to keep my gear for a really long time. I'm actually quite adept at electronics so PTP amp builds are a big plus ... I could fix 'em in 10 years!


Given budget, preferred listening, and amp build I was sort of thinking Q701 and a Woo 2 ... I like the Woo 2 because I could add extra sources and perhaps use it as a preamp for a main stereo at a later date.

I should also mention that I do not listen to music at high volumes ...


What do you think ... any other possible considerations?



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Ooops ... I posted this in the wrong section! Perhaps some nice person can move it to an appropriate spot!

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No point in getting the AKG K701 if you listen to small chamber music although classical is a forte.  I've heard that Sennheiser's are used as a studio monitor in recording classical so I'd give the HD600/650 a try.  


HD800 definitely great for analysis from what I've heard, and so would any electrostatic headphone.  



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Is there something special about Sennheisers that might maybe make it better for my genre over the AKG's? I'd like to take a listen, though the normal place that I go to doesn't stock them.

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It's a matter of personal preference.

Both companies make excellent headphones

in your price range.

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Well the AKG is known for the width of the soundstage but with small chamber music you'd want something a little more intimate.
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