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jds labs cmoy?

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Hello im going to be making my first cmoy after failing to finnish few years ago....

my dad bought the parts from poland and some of them were wrong and thepcb confused me because it already had paths (different to tutorial)

i posted a thread here a few years ago but also this one had abit more detail


anyway i have now looked into it again and i found this jds labs pcb...

would there be any benefit in buying this over a standard radioshack pcb?


and i have these 400v 100nk that i got in the last order that i dont know why the salesman sold me...


should i just reorder everything again and start fresh? with the same pcb as cmoy tutorial (or jds labs pcb)


im going to be making it for my grado sr60/sr225 and perhaps my senn hd280s for bassboost

(oh yea i want to make this one BB this time)


should i just get the recomended parts listed on the cmoy tutorial? should i get some of the alternative parts also to experiment with?


im going to be making this on breadboard for now


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also my aunt is visiting me in the uk from us and i was wondering if it would be worth asking her to get me some parts for the cmoy in the us?

or would the price not differ to much in the UK


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I completed one of these for my son this Christmas. Great kit. I used the BOM for Mouser. Good instructions including how to use a paper punch on the mint tin in the right places.

I do recommend this kit to a casual DIY'er. My previous builds have been bigger PCBs and components. These are tiny, and at 53 I needed magnification.
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I wouldn't expect it to be cheaper or if it is it probably won't be worth the hassle.


Check Farnell, i believe they are the equivalent to mouser/digikey in the US.


Maybe avoiding taxes will make it worth it.

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thanks for responses guys...havent heard of farnells before and the bom tool in mouser is very handy...

i guess il just get it all ordered to uk myself...prob wont be worth the hastle it would put on my aunt...

anyway thanks guys...

btw would you recomend i get a standard pcb as recomended on the cmoy tutorial?

or the jds labs pcb?

i will be making a BB one but cant decide between the jds pcb vs general use one

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Jds's pcb will probably be better long term vs a breadboard, but you won't learn as much.



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good point actually...this is more about the experience than the product for me anyway...


maybe il get both...and make one more with the jds pcb....optional/alt bits...a diff opamp, bass boost..and maybe dc port

but for the first one a normal pcb..recomended bits...2227 opamp and 9v batt

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You can install a socket and roll the opamps as you want. Some of the options can be added later to the same board.
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ahh great then i dont need to solder or desolder anything to chance opamp?


EDIT: now that i look i think i might have that

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