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Microphone for gaming and skype

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I am looking for the best solution for microphone for games/skype (headsets excluded)


Having searched the forum, I have found the following options recommended:

->Omnidirectional mics:

------Audio-Technica ATR-3350

------Zalman Zm-Mic1 (generally worse than ATR, quality-wise)


------AntLion ModMic

->Desktop mic

------Logitech USB Desktop Microphone


The question is - from the experience of those of you who have played using some/any of these solutions - what gives the clearest/best voice for these purposes? I am most likely going to use push-to-talk in games, so I will not be really moving much (hence desktop mic seems to be a viable option).


Thank you for your thoughts!




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Anybody any ideas? You must be using some solution...


To make it more complicated, I have just noticed that:

->there is probably no way I could put ModMic on HD600... they seem not to have any suitable areas to attach it :/.

->Logitech USB Microphone seems to be incompatible with Windows 7 64 bit...

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I am using Logitech USB desktop microphone(silver base with black mic). I bought it from ebay for $6 shipped(it was crappy) and had a new one sent over to me by LOGITECH. They only asked for a picture of the product since these dont have any physical ID. The one sent by logitech has been going strong for the past 5 months. It is EXTREMELY clear IMO for the price of course. IT is usually around 20 bucks on AMAZON. I use Windows 7 64bit and windows 8 64bit and it works on both. Also the mic is unidirectional so u need to speak in front of the mic and it has noise cancellation as well. The noise cancellation is not as good as Steelseries though(7H, 5HV2) which I have had in the past. Didnt like the Steelseries headset too much IMO. In terms of sound quality SENN 201 is better lol

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Just bought a Blue Microphones Snowball, its amazingly clear - love it.

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I own a HD558 and a ModMic and the sound quality is good, there's a good review on youtube of it compared to a Snowball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CEbb14VTRY, check it out.

I think you can easily place it on the HD600, just like this http://www.modmic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/cap-mic-ANI-NO-WHITE-merge-many-panes-no-bkg.gif

BTW, being able to easily get put off the mic really makes a difference.

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