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I did a little DIY mod to the connector on my UM2 so that it would fit in my iPhone case - however, it was a very rough mod, and I'm thinking about replacing the connector with a completely new one. I contacted Weston, and they can do it for me, but it'd end up costing about £60-70 once I've shipped it to the USA, plus it'd be gone for a couple of weeks at best, possibly more. Now, I know my way around a soldering iron, so I'm thinking about doing it myself, as it'd be a lot cheaper. So, has anyone done this themselves?

If I do go ahead with doing it myself, is there an easy way to work out which of the three wires going in to the connector is which? The only way I can think of is to cut one wire, and listen to see which ear goes out; if both go out together, it's the common / earth cable, so I'd need to reconnect this and then try the other wires. Is there a simpler way to do it? I can't seem to see any markings on the cable below the Y splitter, so it'd be guess work.