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For Sale or Trade: MCA Fostex T50RP

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:
MCA Fostex T50RP

Will Ship To: US

For sale is this extensively modded T50RP. The work is done by Martin of Martin Custom Audio, with the current dampening scheme inspired by the KODA^2. Overall the cosmetic condition is a 9/10.


Modifications to these headphone include:

-About 6 feet of 24 AWG Nucleotide stranded OCC copper cable ~240

-Chocolatey claro walnut cups ~250

-Claro walnut custom rod-blocks and custom rods ~70

-Brown O2 pads ~120

-Custom leather wrapped and padded headband ~50

-1/4" Pailiccs plug


Martin's blog:

KODA^2 thread:

I also have a 1/4" to 1/8" gold plated RadioShack converter available as a free optional extra.

Shipping is included within the US, international buyers assume extra cost of shipping.

I'll consider trades tentatively, most interested in Noontec Zoro+$.


I can also stuff scrap flannel under the pads, very very simple to (un)do, easily making them the most comfortable pads I've used.

Thanks for your interest.

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For Sale: $1,100 (USD)
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Back on the market.

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May I ask the reason of sale?

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Not quite my cup of sonic tea, and I don't have the time/motivation to try modding of my own.

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What kind of mods was done to the drivers?

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No mods to the drivers themselves. They were recabled, given wooden chambers and dampened based on the kodas in addition to the details listed above.

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Final price drop, firm.

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OBO reinstated.
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Have to pay off new car speakers. Let's hear some offers, don't be shy redface.gif
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HD650 plus $50 cash for this?

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Trade deal done via pm. Please close down the thread once you receive my item.

Thank you, can't wait to receive those headphones!
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