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My parents own a Sony PS LX-500 turntable with a Stanton L272 stylus as well as a STR AV-710 Audio/Video Control Center for the amp.


I already own a pair of KRK 6400s, which I plan on using instead of speakers as I'll be moving into a dorm in the near future.


I've also found a Technics SL-3300 on craigslist for $75. I'm not sure about its cartridge, it's red and doesn't appear to have a brand or model number on it. Pictures/listing here:



Does anyone have any idea about the quality of the stylus on the Technics TT?

Would the Technics be a significant upgrade from the Sony?

Is the Audio/Video Control Center a decent quality amp or should I look for something else?

Any other recommendations for this setup?


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it.