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Originally Posted by chewy4 View Post

DOOM is really the only rap I listen to, he's so damn clever. Not to mention I love the instrumentals on his songs.

Yup, so many double meanings and references that you won't catch for quite some time sometimes.

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Originally Posted by jerg View Post


You mean the bulk shipment of pads from Jeremy? Or some other stock Beyers you ordered?


Oh, yes - for clarification the "bulk" shipment I meant to say.  

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So J$ has officially sent all his pads to wje? man, I hope he mailed mine before he shipped the bulk stock!


Booka Shade sounds perfect on these things. Loving the velours but now I'm curious to try the stock pleathers again without the spacers in them. I didn't even bother removing them the first time around and didn't realize they effected SQ so much. 

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But the spacers do create a nice buffer from letting your ear touch the driver.


The velour, without spacers, have sufficient buffer.


For my ears anyways. "Ears are weird" -Apple ad

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I must be the only person who is totally content with stock pleathers without removing anything. I definitely will never remove the spacer, as I am more scared of dust than the rest of you, it seems. 

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The spacers make the pleathers sound muffled and wonky though. It sacrifices a huge amount of SQ for a little (relative) comfort. I say relative because the spacers make the pleather pads harder because they are crammed in, so in terms of cushioning the comfort is actually much worse than without the spacers. Ditto with clamping force.

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Originally Posted by ninjames View Post

I definitely will never remove the spacer, as I am more scared of dust than the rest of you, it seems. 


The spacer is not the dust cover. They are 2 seperate things.

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Originally Posted by CRUZMISL View Post


The spacer is not the dust cover. They are 2 seperate things.

Then I don't understand what it is.

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It's the thing FuzzyD was complaining about in this post

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Just so everyone knows I'm in a conversation with Jeremy right now as well, he had way more than anticipated. Some of the J$ pad's will likely be shipped to me along with some b-stock (small flaws in the product so I can sell for cheap) and some Grado headbands. If you are ordering from within Canada you might be better off ordering from me. He hasn't PM'd me all day though so maybe he sent all the stock to wje confused_face_2.gif I'll probably know by tomorrow. I'll let you guys know. I say this because he leaves tomorrow, like out of the country, so I'm not sure if he'll have time for this. 

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I had to get a flashlight to see the foam ring on the pleathers...hadn't noticed them before.  I'll try removing them later, too preoccupied right now 

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Originally Posted by FlySweep View Post

I've had the HE-400 for close to 24 hours.  Driven by the ODAC & O2, I've done lots of listening with them last night and all day today.. and as of right now, I couldn't be more happy or impressed with the purchase.  Considering my grievances with the HE-500's tuning.. what the HE-400's tuning delivered is almost exactly what I hoped for.


I love the HE-400's bass response.  It's got the linearity & punch I desired.  Much more to my liking that the HE-500's thick, slightly midbass-centric, elevated bass response.  The bass quantaty sounds very close to neutral to my ears.. but it's got terrific depth and punch (when the music calls for it).. just how I like it.  The HE-400's mids?  Oh, those mids.. how I missed that ortho goodness.  Airy, dynamic, smooth, effortless, and beautifully colored.. neutral-ish.. just what I was hoping for.  I get a better sense of space around instruments thanks to the slightly crisper, open tone.. the HE-400's soundstage in the midrange sounds more open than the HE-500 midrange's more intimate presentation.  This actually makes it the HE-400's mids less fatiguing to my ears.  Again, the HE-400's midrange tuning is much more to my preference than the HE-500's mids.  The HE-400's treble is simply fantastic.  Bursting with energy.. but in a very elegant, controlled manner.  Hearing the spike, one might be worried about fatigue or excessive presence.. but I found it very easy to listen to this phone for hours on end.  The treble has that smooth, liquid-y, ortho touch.. so while it's sparkly and 'brilliant,' it never comes across as harsh and grating.  Rarely have I heard treble that can be this engaging and fun.. but still remain so controlled and non-abrasive.  That enhancement in the 10K range gives the entire soundstage a deliciously open, airy feel that never seems to gets old.  I can see how some say it could get harsh at times.. but in my experience, this seems more attributable to a track's (lack of good) recording quality or coloration from the gear upstream.  In my posts leading up to this one, I talked a lot about desire for 'artful' coloration.. I can confidently say the HE-400 delivers that.. in spades.


I wrestled with trying to understand all the "dark but bright" characterizations until I got this phone.  I figured it was something I'd just have to listen to, to understand.  Having done son now, I definitely understand that description.  It's wholly accurate.. and, surprisingly, pleasant.  I looked at the HeadRoom graph and figured the deep dip between ~2K & 8K would lead to sounds being almost absent in that region.  I sense in a more conventional (dynamic) driver, this would be the case.. but this ortho pulls off the peculiar tuning with stunning results.  Despite the dip, sound doesn't feel missing or oddly recessed.  I'm very easily able to retrieve & enjoy the details that typically occupy that band of frequencies.  I've got to think the ability of this ortho driver to deliver clarity & separation in such a natural, effortless manner has something to do with it.  On a lesser driver or technology, this tuning would sound very odd, I think.  It definitely gives this phone a very unique sound.. one I can't seem to tire of.  Instead of delving into this more.. I'll just say the "dark but bright" sound simply works.  It's beautifully done and doesn't hinder the HE-400's ability to be versatile.


I've been listening to a lot of Jeff Golub's work since the HE-400 arrived.. most of his albums are well engineered and aside from me really digging his music.. it also sounds utterly amazing though the ODAC/O2/HE-400.  To use an oft-mentioned cliche, it feels like I'm "right there in the studio with him."  The smooth but energetic tuning of the HE-400 compliments his blues/soul/rock chops exceedingly well.  All the intricacies, shifts, tonal qualities, and layers of instrumentation are presented in such a breathtakingly effortless manner, it feels less like I'm wearing headphones.. and more like I've got a pair of near-field Maggies beside me.  I've heard enough good (and bad) phones to maintain tempered enthusiasm.. but the HE-400 is a phone I'm genuinely giddy about.  The praise & hype, IMO.. is fully deserved.  I can certainly see why many enjoy running it through a tube amp (upgrade/mod work on mine will be done soon).. I'm salivating at the thought of how it will sound through the Lake People G109-S which arrives tomorrow.  Do note that if all I had to drive the HE-400 was the ODAC & O2, I'd be more than content.  The transparency this DAC & amp offer is terrific and it accentuates all the wonderful things the HE-400 is capable of (by 'getting out of the way,' so to speak).


More thoughts coming after the G109-S arrives tomorrow...


Great impressions! I think you've described the HE-400 well especially in comparison to the HE-500..

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There's not an audio device of any kind that doesn't change with burn-in... that includes headphones, speakers, amps, dacs, cables and etc. That is a proven fact!

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Is it now?

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Might be a dumb question, but can one just take J$ pads and attach the ring/mesh from the stock pleather earpad set to it?


It doesn't seem like you need to glue pantyhose to the ring that comes with J$ pads, nor butcher the stock pleather ones by removing the mesh and attaching it to the J$ included ring.


Or am I missing something?

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