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Don't you guys think it's odd the velour pads gives better bass than the pleather? Shouldn't  pleather be better at bass because it isolates better? 

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Velour uses stiffer foam, so theoretically, any energy from the bass should transfer to your cheek and jaw better than with pleather.  That's not to say that velour gives mores bass quantity, but perhaps it gives more bass impact.

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The pleathers sound the "warmest" to my ears, but they never seemed to give off a sound as balanced as the velours. The warm bass / nuetral-ly treble always sounded a little off, even if it was sometimes pretty enjoyable. :wink_face:

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I find the treble spike on these headphones more annoying with the pleather because most of the time its dark then BAM bright treble out of nowhere like an ambush , with the velours you're always getting brighter sound, the bright treble doesn't come as a surprise.

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Originally Posted by Pjones312 View Post

Thanks for all the info guys. I'll have to check stuff out when I'm off work.

My source isn't going to be any flac/lossless formats yet.

I mainly just stream from Spotify.

I sort of hate spotify - adds cutting in during album listening can really break up the zen I'm in. It also just doesn't sound EXACTLY as good as my regular Mp3s, be they ripped at 320 or at 192 or even lower. I swear something is going on there - but maybe I am crazy. :ph34r:


Most I just like to go to spotify to check out new releases - I've bought at least a couple of CDs because of that. But then again music is getting confusing with Thom Yorke releasing new stuff independently, and Taylor Swift saying "no" to streaming music entirely. I assume someday I'll need an iTunes account for one band, and a paypal account for another!

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You know you can listen to Spotify ad-free for $10 a month, right?
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Hi there.

I am interested in buying a used HE 400. Could get one for about 230€ including Focus Pads and short custom cable.

As this unit is about 2 years old (so no more warranty), I wonder if anyone has some "long term" experience with these cans?
Are the 400 considered durable? Read few posts where people had driver issues. Is this a common issue (sorry, did not read through all 1230 pages of this thread)?

Looking forward to some feedback.

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