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I don't find the mids that recessed. . Just not clear.mids fuzzy
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I find it amusing that some people here at Head-Fi says the HD800, K701 and DT880 are neutral, while the he-400 is "very v-shaped and should be avoided". All three are bright. Thats not neutral. But when a bright headphone which also has a lot of bass, now that's "V shaped" and should be avoided! How is the he-400 v shaped and the dt880's is neutral? The K701 has a whole lot of upper mids and treble, but for some reason they are neutral and recommended, but the he-400 which has an upper treble tilt is to be avoided?


In what universe is the HD800 neutral? On some recordings it's even worse that the he-400. People say the hd800 is not forgiving of bad recordings, its the same exact thing with the he-400. Makes you wonder if the hd800 was priced similar to the k701, would people praise it so much? Price is a huge placebo enabler imo.


Regarding recessed mids on the he-400, on some recordings yes, but the majority of the time I feel the hd650 and the he400 with velour pads are similar in midrange and vocals presence, the he-400 having more upper treble which makes it more fatiguing on tracks with a lot of treble.


Moral of the story is try the headphones out and don't trust peoples description of headphones. Hell, don't trust mine, try them out yourself.



 Clever remarks!:L3000:

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